Outtakes 11/04/14

This weeks outtake is again from the boy, and our short stay at hospital. He may have not realised that food wouldn’t be quite the same as it is at home, and lunch on the first day was pretty good. The boy loved having the choice, and one of the conditions of coming home was that I have to give him a choice of 3 lunch items with sides.

So here is dinner, pineapple and ham bake with mashed potato, sweetcorn and red pepper. The boys words “How can you go wrong with mashing a potato?” Clearly you can!


the outtakes

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    1. I hate mash too, and my Nan used to make smash :-p yuck! he did actually cook lunch today so I shouldn’t complain

    1. it looked pretty bad, I think he made the most of it. I didn’t get the Macaroni cheese face as that was worse!

    1. It sounded better than it actually was. But I don’t think it was as bad as the I cant swallow face!

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