Lego Hobbit attack of the Wargs (79002) review for Izziwizzi Kids

The boy was very excited to be reviewing LEGO, as it is his favorite toy, we have lots of other sets but this is our first Hobbit set. I don’t think that it matters that the boy hasn’t seen the film, as you will see from the video review he still enjoyed building and playing with the set.

The set is for ages 8-14 and I think this has been aimed at this age group because of the film. The boy (7) started without me and built all the Wargs and figures, he had very little problem building the tree and only needed one small bit of help clicking the moving parts together. This set costs £49.99 and I can see that it is priced a little bit more due to the Hobbit branding but think for what you get especially if you are a fan it is good value.

This is the shorter of the 2 video reviews which we did, and you can see that the boy loved building this set. I think children who have seen the film will enjoy the set even more, but don’t think that this stopped my boys enjoyment, as he has got all the baddies from Starwars out to battle with the dwarfs! I think the only slight frustration we found was that it is very difficult to fire the dwarfs into the tree, for most children I don’t think this would be a problem, but for mine he likes everything to work as described.

I like this Lego set it is nice and robust, it doesnt look like it will fall apart easily and need rebuilding. The box is a good size, with some great detailed pictures on the back. You get 6 figures which makes it great as a stand alone set as well as combined with other Hobbit sets.

We give this LEGO set a family score of 5/5

I think LEGO have done a great job theaming this set to the story and think it has great play value, especially for boys.

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