Ginger Fox Games – Stocking fillers #Gifted #AD

If you are looking for last minute gifts, fun family games and stocking fillers then have a look at the huge range of gifts and games from Ginger Fox. We were sent a selection to have a look at.

The first game we looked at was University Challenge. Suitable for 3+ players aged 14+. This is a game for the more sensible amongst you. I had a look at the questions and despite priding myself in being able to answer the odd question from the show, these questions were hard!

Space Dash is another card game, this time for 3 – 6 players aged 8+. Space dash looks like a fast and frantic card game. Perfect for the competitive family as you race to be the first to “Touch Down”

Celebrity dogs is a fun gift for any dog or music lover. Ginger fox have a selection of fun and silly mugs perfect as a secret Santa of simply a silly gift. starting from £7.99 these are great quality and rather amusing.

Mince Spies is a fun coaster party game for 3+ players aged 14+. This game would be perfect for that silly family after dinner game. Each player has a coaster with a challenge and has to perform the task without the knowledge of the other players. Can you complete your challenge before the other players?

Bump This, has to be my favourite of the games we were sent. for 2+ players aged 8+. This is going to be the best fun you can have after a big meal. Players take a card and remember their handshake, then play starts and the chain of players grow. Can you remember the sequence of handshakes! If you don’t you will be out.

Why not have a look at Ginger Fox games, as there are some great card games. We loved that there was very little plastic and lots of silly fun. Games are available from your local store, or online with Amazon (affiliate links below)

Disclaimer we were sent a selection of games to try, the words remain are own and have not been altered. #Gifted #AD #Review

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