Getting out in the Garden

The half term was the perfect excuse to get out in the garden and check on the progress of our fruit and veg. I had hoped that we would be planting a few more vegetables but once again my seed growing skills have failed me.

The strawberry’s are looking pretty good, and if I can get to them before the woodlice then we will be having a bumper crop. The fruit on the red currant, blackcurrant and blackberry bushes are also looking good, and now I will need to start thinking about making room in the freezer for a bumper harvest.


I have planted out our latest delivery of plants from Potter and Rest who sent us some lovely herbs and an unusual plant called a Stevia. This is a new plant for me and although I had heard of the name I hadn’t realised that the plant could be grown in the UK. Now confession time! I re-potted the stevia and it was looking very happy, but then Dad M decided it needed watering and I think he drowned it! I will have to go out and replace it now as I had planned to try and make a sugar syrup with the leaves, it is supposed to make a good substitute for sugar.

potter and rest herbs

The flowers in the garden are looking quite magical, my rhododendrons are just finishing and the poppy’s and lilies’ are about to start flowering. The garlic and onions that the boy planed earlier in the year with his new Twigz tools are looking very healthy and we will be trying out some recipe’s soon.

twigz gardening

The boy enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline which we have pulled out to clear and mend as the trees around it were getting a bit overgrown. As usual the trampoline will get a lot of use in the coming months, and the boy loves to make up new games, now the holes in the net will need mending, but this garden toy has been by far our best investment.

It was great getting out in the fresh air, and I hope the weather lasts so we can enjoy our green garden space more over the coming months.


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  1. Great efforts on the garden front – you put me to shame; my greenhouse has been used as a lamb nursery! The trampoline has definitely been one of the best buys for our children also – in fact we are on our second one. Would love to see photos of your son enjoying the garden and having some outdoor fun too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Silent Sunday / Project 52My Profile

    1. Thanks, for coming and having a look, I was planning some action shots but didn’t have my camera with me, I need to learn to chain it to myself!

    1. Thanks, we had a bowl at the weekend and they were very nice! fingers crossed now for some more…

    1. I am terrible, and I should know by now that I need to buy my plants and not try to grown them. But I still try!!

    1. we lost most of them last year to woodlice, this year we have lots, its all about giving them potash early on, and then watering lots. And straw if you have some.

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