F is for… Flowers

This week F is for… Flowers, and I have lots of different ones to choose from. I love the Alliums which I could never get to survive in my last garden but thrive in the flower bed outside my kitchen window. There is one flower in my garden that looks at its best this month and that is the rose. Apparently the last owner didn’t like them, but with more than 30 in the garden when we moved in he didn’t dislike them that much. I bought a few special ones with me, including one very dear rose who’s name I can’t remember. This particular rose was always know as Nan’s rose as I grew up, and grew in her front garden as a shrub rose. I spent many hours searching garden centres to find one for my own garden and finally 2 years came across a local grower who not only identified it but found one for me. I chose to buy it as a climbing rose to grow through my cherry tree and this will be the first year it has had a chance to flower properly.

I was inseparable from my Nan as a young girl, and spent all of my summers, holidays and weekends with my Nan. She was very much-loved by all the family, but will always be part of who I am. My only regret is that she never got to see who I am now, and meet my cheeky little boy who has something of her mischievous twinkle in his eye. So here is Nan’s Rose, climbing through the cherry tree for everyone to see. The smell is divine, and I smile every time I walk past.

Nan's Rose

Thanks to PODcast for running the Alphabet Linky, I am loving the excuse to look through all my pictures!






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  1. Such a beautiful rose, and such a lovely tribute to your nan. I’m getting quite inspired by all the photos of flowers I’ve seen recently – really need to find the time to sort my little garden out!
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…F is for folkMy Profile

    1. Thanks, it is a lovely colour and as it get older it fades through red to pink, not something I thought roses could do but this one does!

    1. Great minds, and all that. I’m not good at roses, but have made a real effort this year and am now reaping the rewards as they are flowering their socks off!

    1. As each flowers gets old it turns through red to pink, so when it flowers you get all three colours together. I just wish I could remember its proper name.

    1. Thanks my garden is pretty, but amazing, you haven’t seen next doors, not a week in sight, I have a lot to do to get there!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your nan and a beautiful rose. They really are fabulous flowers and you’re so right with the smell – just divine! Thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto and apologies for commenting a bit late this week! Letter G will be up just after midnight until Tuesday 🙂
    Charly Dove recently posted…Project 365: Week #25My Profile

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