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The Game about Wikipedia is a new game from Spin Master games and is a celebration of the well-known online encyclopaedia. Suitable for 2 – 4 Players aged 8+ RRP £16.99.

The game about Wikipedia box contains 300 wiki theme cards, 4 whiteboards with markers, 100 tokens and an egg timer. Game play is easy to learn and the winner is the one at the end with the most tokens.


Starting with the youngest player you draw a wiki theme card, each contains 3 games. The first is a trivia question. Turn over the timer read out the question and the other players make a note of the answers on their wipe clean board. Questions might be For which James Bond film did Roald Dahl write the screenplay? Other questions have multiple choice answers and there are 3 tokens available for the right answers.

The next part of the game about Wikipedia is all about page views. The timer is turned and the three subjects are read out players then rank these as to how many views they get on Wikipedia in an average month. One token is received for each correct answer.


Finally players are challenged to list 5 items in the disambiguation section. In this section all the players answer. Match your answer to that of the question master and you will win another token. This has to be the most fun as you have to think about how the person reading the question might answer and not the actual answers. Play continues until the tokens run out and the winner is the one with the most tokens.

The Game from Wikipedia is a great family and grown up game, and has caused lots of interesting discussions in our family about what we know and some things we had no idea about. The Game is fast paced as you have the timer to keep you going although for the boy we tended to be flexible on time as he gets stressed under pressure. Once you have mastered the format then it is more about the varied facts and interesting information you can learn in the Wikipedia game.

The Game about Wikipedia is available from your local toy store or online retailers like Argos, and Amazon.


Disclaimer we were asked to try out this game in return for an honest review, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. I wonder if some of the questions especially if they are like the example may be to hard for children that have just gone 8 yr old.I would have thought late teens.

  2. This looks like something I would play with my older teens, but not my younger two, think they would get bored and run off! But looks interesting to say the least! Thanks.

  3. I have never heard of this game before, and am only sorry I never saw it before Christmas as it would have given us a new alternative game to play over the holidays!

  4. I’m terrible at games like these, then again, I havent had much practice, I tend to give up too easy

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