Star Wars Timeline – Review

Star Wars Timeline is an easy to learn game like the other Timeline games. Players place their dealt cards in the order the scenes appeared in the films. Sounds easy? Well it proved more difficult than we first thought.

Star Wars timeline is available from stores and online and comes in two editions. The first covers the original three star wars films (episode IV, V and VI) and the second edition the prequel of films (I, II, III). Each Tin contains 110 cards and are suited for ages 8+. 2-8 players and RRP £13.99.

Star Wars Timeline is already a favourite game and will make a great gift for any Star Wars fan. The boy was excited as he stood a real chance of beating Dad Dragon. The question would be how much could he remember? The answer was more than his Dad! Each of the cards comes with a scene or quote from the film and then these are numbered on the reverse so that you can check where in the sequence they appear.

There are plenty of easily recognizable scenes like the incident in the trash compactor or the first sighting of the death star. Putting them in order though caused much discussion in the family. It isn’t until you turn over the car that you can see which of the films your quote appears so even remembering which film was fun. Once we had completed a few games we discovered that the boy was indeed very good at remembering exactly where in a film a scene or character first appeared.

Star Wars Timeline is my whole families favourite card game for 2016, and is the perfect game for us to take with us and play with family over the holidays. My only disappointment is that the Star Wars edition of timeline cannot be played with any of the history editions. This I guess was to be expected with a fictional story, but somehow might have been fun!. Each Star Wars Timeline edition can be played on its own or mixed up with the other edition to play as a huge timeline game. This could be played with more players and I think will be a fun game to play with all the boys nephews.

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Star Wars Timeline

Disclaimer we were sent these games in return for an honest review, our words have not been altered.

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  1. When Han and Luke break Leia out of the prison cell but she rescues them from the block by jumping in the rubbish compactor.

  2. It has to be the infamous ‘Luke I am your father’ scene, so many parodies have been made, it’s a classic

  3. When Vader had to decide
    Save the son you never really knew that much.
    Throw the best friend you’ve had since you were 9 years old into a pit.

  4. The Darth Vader and obi one kinobi’s light sabre fight scene…if you strike he down I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine!

  5. star wars the original 1977 one (think its called a new hope nowadays) Ben Kenobi and Darth the fight scene, if you strike me down now I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

  6. I have to be honest I have never watched any Star Wars films but I’m always trying to win the associated merchandise for my grandchildren 🙂

  7. The scene in ‘A New Hope’ where Obi Wan Kenobi first uses the ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ on the Stormtroopers…I’ve been practicing that one ever since – still with no success 😉

  8. When Luke blows up the deathstar, so many hours playing that seance on the PlayStation. Yes I was hopeless, kept getting shot down.

  9. The scene in empire strikes back where Yoda lifts the X-wing out of the swamp using the force and Luke looks amazed

  10. oh the quote when Han says I Know to Leia’s I Love You! Such a man answer LOL
    I love these games – such a great idea – would love to see a Buffy one! Awesome review 🙂

  11. In The Empire Strikes Back when Han is frozen and him and Leia have their moment …
    Leia blurts out, “I love you.” Han answers: “I know.”

  12. I think its when Padme realises she has lost her Annie, and she tells him that he is ‘Breaking her heart’ As its a short while later she dies giving birth to their twins, and its so so sad!

  13. When they rescue Princess Leia in the first one and she says Luke is a little short for a stormtrooper

  14. My favourite scene is from Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin turns on his old master on Mustafar and the ensuing lightsaber battle.

  15. A New Hope – assault on the Death Star – when Han appears in the nick of time to save Luke AND the mission

  16. The death star exploding in episode 4, and Luke hearing the voice of Obi Wan telling him ‘the force will be with you, always’.

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