NEW Stoopido Game – Review and giveaway

Stoopido is a great fun NEW family game from Drumond Park, for 2-4 players aged 8+ RRP £17.99.

Stoopido will be available in the shops in time for Christmas and we were lucky enough to be one of the first families to try out this fast paces silly game. The box comes with 4 pairs of glasses, a squeaky stoopitoot. One dice, four slappads and an assortment of face pieces. Minimal assembly is needed simply press out the card face pieces and clip the clear plastic clips so that they can be fastened to the glasses during the game.

Stoopido 3D box L LR

Each player starts with a pair of glasses, and the 4 slap pads are placed on the table along with the various nose, ear, eyes, and hat faces. The idea of the game is simple be the first to fill your opponents glasses with a silly face. Making sure they don’t fill your glasses first. You take it in turns to roll the dice, the first person to slap the corresponding face item gets to choose a face piece for another player. This continues until they are full and out! Roll the glasses and the player to your left adds a feature to your glasses. Roll the Stoopitoot, and you can remove a piece from your own glasses or add to another player.

Stoopido 4 kids stoopitoot 2 LR

The winner is the last person to have empty space on their glasses. This is a fast paced family game so be prepared. The silly face combinations are endless and there will be many giggles along the way. I can see that Stoopido will be a great fun family game for all ages over Christmas. I can imagine Dad looking great as a hairy one-eyed pirate!

If you would like to be one of the first families to try out Stoopido then why not enter my giveaway below.

Stoopido game

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  2. There are two animals I would love to be, an eagle so I can sore high over everything or a dolphin so I can swim the oceans looking at the beautiful fish etc under the water.

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  15. I’d turn into a Bear, because I’m very big, very hairy, love to sleep, love to eat and whilst I may look like a massive bundle of fun, i’m actually incredibly grumpy and highly likely to eat you… true story.

    My little cub (7) saw the Ads for Stoopido whilst watching whatever garbage it is that he watches on TV (Let’s face it, we all zone out after 3hrs of Scooby-sodding-Doo) and has been putting it on his list ever since (we have magic Christmas lists in our house, if the kids see something they want they say the words “put it on my list” and then it magically goes onto Santa’s list. Santa then reviews the list at the end of the year and adds the things he deems to be the best… and most affordable/least likely to drive Mummy & Daddy crackers.

    Anyhoo, long story short, I’d love this, and so would Tom, the squirtle. Cheers!

  16. With 3 kids I need extra arms so an octopus
    To second question we do lots of crafts, our favourite in autumn is to collect leaves and do rubbings x

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