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Doctor Panic is a family game for 2-9 players aged 8+ distributed by Esdevium games for RRP £24.99.

Doctor Panic is a true team game, where instead of competing against each other you work as a team against the clock. There are lots of parts in the game box with a total of 8 individual tests, various cards, tweezers and even medical hair nets! You will need plenty of space to play Doctor Panic. Starts by downloading the app to your phone, or visit the website for a soundtrack. At first Doctor Panic looks complicated, but the app allows you to play a short test game to get you familiar with the set up.

doctor panic

Doctor Panic can be played in teams so we decided to start off as one team with the three of us. The rule book details each of the set ups for cards and instruments ready for you to do each test. We downloaded the app to the boys IPad, but after it crashed twice mid game, switched to my phone. This worked fine and we managed to complete the test game.

doctor panic review

The game is made more fun by the beeping of the app. Having to complete each test task as quick as possible. For each game you will need to choose the person who will act as the head and wear the hair net. The Doctor Panic game starts by dealing out 8 cards, one from each of the test card packs. Shuffle and these will form the order of the tests for your team. Start the app and follow the instructions to save your patients.

doctor panic game

You have 12 minutes to complete all the tests, and the heart beat bleeping means the patient is still alive. At any time they could go into cardiac arrest. This is signalled by a continuous bleeping, you must stop all tests and while one of you uses the heart whoopee cushion to keep your patient alive others make the code ready to shock the patient back to life.

doctor panic family game

Mix in a few Managers calls and funny tasks and Doctor Panic becomes a very active and funny laughter filled game. The tests are a mixture of skills, we found some are more funny than others. I think our favourites are the x-ray test and describing how to make funny shapes with your body. The boy liked examination with the magnifying glass and also suturing test. The game ends when either you run out of time, or you complete all the tests before the end of the 12 minutes.

Doctor Panic board game

There are different levels from easy to hard, and 8 different patients which change the game of Doctor Panic. Add in additional teams if you have more players. I think the only thing stopping more people joining in would be lack of space! Doctor Panic is a fast, fun and enjoyable short game that is suitable for all ages. Younger kids will love using the whoopee cushion, and resuscitating the patients. I can see this game being a great one for big gatherings.Playing outdoors with more space for the funny poses and managers forfeits would make this game perfect for the summer.

You can buy Doctor Panic from toy stockists in the Uk, have a look here on the Esdevium website for your nearest toy shop, or click below for my Amazon affiliate link.

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Doctor Panic

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