Crazy Claw – Review

Crazy Claw is just one of the new games from Drumond Park . This action packed game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 5+, RRP £22.99.

I was lucky enough to play the NEW Crazy Claw game at the London Toy fair earlier in the year. I can see it being popular this year with fun-loving families. Based on the arcade claw machines, you capture a ball from the crazy claw machine. Open the ball to reveal a token and match with your collection card. Match three cards to become crowned the winner.


Crazy Claw may sound simple, but with your opponents using the side paddles to make the balls bounce around the Crazy Claw cube. Grabbing a ball becomes more of a challenge. Crazy Claw is set to be a fun family game and will be available in time time for Christmas. I wont be surprised if it makes a few top toy lists as well with its cute retro game play.


I have TWO Crazy Claw games to giveaway to my readers in time for you to play with your family over the festive period. Simply enter via the gleam app below

Crazy Claw


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  1. The 2p coin drop. We live by the seaside so me and my son spend s lot of time in the arcades playing, he would love this

  2. Tipping point! Never have I had so felt so proud of myself as when I won £1.67 in pennies on one of those machines!

  3. My favourite is those machines where they are filled with 2 pence pieces on shelves and a few small prizes on top of those, and you feed it with more 2ps to try and get them off!

  4. We love the arcade, the sliding coins would be my favourite, but my son loves playing any game in which he can win tickets to get a little prize.

  5. Not sure what its called but its like tipping point on TV – add coins to top shelf and hope it moves coins lower down

  6. I Used to love the 2p arcade machines, we recently took our little ones to the beach for the first time & they shared the same joy

  7. My favourite arcade game of all time is probably Daytona. But others that come close to the top are The Simpsons, Snow Brothers and NBA Jam.

  8. I spent many an hour trying to beat my brother on the 2D ‘Grand Prix’ arcade racing game in the caravan parks when we were young. I loved those little steering wheels and the ‘oils slicks’ on the tracks that frequently caught him out 😉

  9. I love Beat The Clock- you roll a ball and try to get it into high scoring holes to turn back the time on the clock. Grabbers are a close secong though x

  10. Pinball was always fun. I was ok with it. I also liked Whack a Mole because it could get out any pent up frustration.

  11. I wasted many an hour on Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the late eighties (my Dad worked in an arcade and would clock up loads of free credits for me to play)

  12. I love the 2p machines. Always such a thrill when loads fall down, or when its one with the little prizes

  13. I like the disc ball thing that you shoot across the table to each other and the ducks that shoot water – very childish I know haha

  14. My fave is the 2p machines, I could spend a fortune on them my other half loves the grabbers, he’s really good on them too!

  15. I’m useless at nearly all of them but love the 2p slot machines. My husband is like totally embarrassed as I get over excited when I get s haul of 2p pieces!

  16. The 2p push machines. The grab machines used to be my favourite as a kid, when you could actually win.

  17. I love the teddy bear claw machines I’m a nightmare once i start i can’t stop i end up spending a fortune.

  18. the coin droppers and the claw machines though I’m pretty sure they are fixed I still wate money on them

  19. I enjoy playing pinball machines because you never know which special features are going to be activated.

  20. We love playing on the machines where you drop a 2p piece in, so it falls down slots and then you try to get it to push pennies out. My 2 daughters absolutely love it!

  21. This game looks fun. Would be a good one to play xma.s day. We love the penny arcade machines always been a favourite

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