British History Timeline – Review

British History is the latest edition to the Timeline series of games. You can buy British History now online or from your local toy store for RRP £13.99 suited ages 8+ for 2-8 players.

The British History edition of Timeline is a great addition to the series and can be played on its own or mixed into the other timeline games. The lovely handy storage tin contains 110 historical cards, and instructions. British History Timeline is so easy to learn that we now just have a quick game when we don’t have time for a whole board game set up. We decided that Bingo Granny might be good at British History so tested it out on her most recent visit.


You don’t need lots of room to set up the game so British Timeline is the perfect family on the move game. Players start with 4 random cards, and one card is turned face up with the date. Players then take turns placing their cards where they think they belong in the timeline. The winner is the one who can place all of their cards.


We love this game as it causes so many questions. It is a great multi generation game as we found age doesn’t always help. It can be played tactically by placing the cards you have no idea where they go early. Saving the ones you know the dates can make you the winner. Dad Dragon has found the game he can beat us at as he has a good memory for dates. The boy does well too as once played he too remembers the dated cards.


We love the addition of the Brexit card, a great one to start with! The boy also loves to just sit and build his own timelines like a game of solitaire. He is learning about British history and keeping himself amused at the same time. British History Timeline is a great game as a Christmas stocking filler, and is great as a whole family game.

British Timeline is available now from Amazon (affiliate link below) and all good retailers.

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British History Timeline

Disclaimer we were sent this game in return for an honest review

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  1. I loved history at school, my son is into history and dates! He comes out with random questions that we then look up on the net 😀 learn something new everyday! Thanks

  2. I clean the History dept in a school. I am better at History now than when I was at school myself just by reading the things on the walls!

  3. I am ok with remembering with events but hopeless with dates, my 12yr son is excellent with remembering them though

  4. I’m absolutely rubbish at remembering dates, although I find history really interesting. Maybe this would help!

  5. I’m in the middle of a history degree, and dates are a big thing – so yep, I know my history and dates very well 🙂

  6. Yes! I have a passion for history. Everytime there is a pub quiz or party I kick serious butt with my dates of what happened

  7. I was never any good at History at school but years of watching Blackadder and Horrible Histories has made me feel equpped to go on Mastermind 😉

  8. I am absolutely useless on history and dates! It was always one of my least favourite subjects in school, though I did enjoy certain segments!

  9. I’m good at remembering dates – random ones sometimes stick in my mind – but I don’t often remember the history behind them, just random facts!

  10. I am very interested in history and try to remember dates and sequences of events etc – not always totally successfully!

  11. I am pretty reasonable but my husband has a degree in history so I think he trumps me every time! Looks like a great game!

  12. I love history, it is one of my favourite subjects. I am absolutely rubbish at remembering dates and what happened when.

  13. No I’m not, I’m afraid I used to fall asleep during history classes at school. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, my children would love this game.

  14. I love history and have taught American history. I know some of the most important dates, along with the general order of events. But I’m not that great at all the dates. I think it’s partly because I had a brilliant history teacher who taught us that getting bogged down with dates and specific details that can be easily found is less important that understanding and analyzing the overarching concepts.

  15. Dates are something I just remember – people are always amazed about my ability to remember them. History was my favourite subject at school.

  16. I loved medieval history looking at war of the roses, tudors etc but have no interest in industrial revolution which I had to study at school and therefore I did not study history after high school.

  17. Im interested in history and not too bad with dates but this be great to help my daughter with her history homework.x

  18. I’m not great at dates, but I do love history! This game would be fab for my family to play at Christmas!

  19. I’m terrible at history and dates, although I have a new found interest now my kids are learning so much. It seems more interesting now!

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