NEW Stoopido Game – Review and giveaway

Stoopido is a great fun NEW family game from Drumond Park, for 2-4 players aged 8+ RRP £17.99.

Stoopido will be available in the shops in time for Christmas and we were lucky enough to be one of the first families to try out this fast paces silly game. The box comes with 4 pairs of glasses, a squeaky stoopitoot. One dice, four slappads and an assortment of face pieces. Minimal assembly is needed simply press out the card face pieces and clip the clear plastic clips so that they can be fastened to the glasses during the game.

Stoopido 3D box L LR

Each player starts with a pair of glasses, and the 4 slap pads are placed on the table along with the various nose, ear, eyes, and hat faces. The idea of the game is simple be the first to fill your opponents glasses with a silly face. Making sure they don’t fill your glasses first. You take it in turns to roll the dice, the first person to slap the corresponding face item gets to choose a face piece for another player. This continues until they are full and out! Roll the glasses and the player to your left adds a feature to your glasses. Roll the Stoopitoot, and you can remove a piece from your own glasses or add to another player.

Stoopido 4 kids stoopitoot 2 LR

The winner is the last person to have empty space on their glasses. This is a fast paced family game so be prepared. The silly face combinations are endless and there will be many giggles along the way. I can see that Stoopido will be a great fun family game for all ages over Christmas. I can imagine Dad looking great as a hairy one-eyed pirate!

If you would like to be one of the first families to try out Stoopido then why not enter my giveaway below.

Stoopido game

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Country Craft with Hilarys Blinds

Country Craft is a blogger challenge to make something crafty with a 100cm x 100cm square of fabric from the new collection available from Hilary’s Blinds. The fabric choice was from Bird Parade, Calluna, Wild Poppies and Patina. I chose Calluna as I had already had an idea of what I wanted to make. When the piece of fabric arrived I was surprised how big the 100cm square was, ok I knew the size but it still looked huge! I realised there was much more than I needed for the first craft idea I had, had. I set about thinking of something different to make, the Calluna fabric pattern was inspired by the textures of moorland heather and with this in mind I decided I would make something useful for the garden.

fabric 1

Here is my step by step guide to making a gardening apron, and kneeler.

For the apron you will need the following:

5 pieces of fabric cut to the following sizes, Body 55cm x 22cm, Pocket 60cm x 18cm, waist band 56cm x 10cm, 2 x ties 10cm by the length needed to tie between 65cm – 75cm each.

Bias Binding, I made mine by following this you tube video, it was easy to follow and I had some scrap fabric, you will also need a bias binding tool which folds the material while you iron it flat. Alternatively you can purchase bias binding from most needlework stores.

Sewing machine, cotton, needle, pins, scissors, sewing machine, ruler, fabric chalk or pencil, chop stick or knitting needle.

step 1After cutting the material you start by sewing bias binding across the top of the pocket, simply pin and stitch the bias binding straight across the top. The next step is to pin the pocket to the front of the body piece of fabric. The pocket is slightly longer, allowing you to make small pleats in 2 of the pockets. I wanted 6 pockets and marked the fabric with chalk at the following intervals from left to right. 10cm, 12cm, 10cm, 12cm, 6cm, 6cm with two small pleats in the two larger pockets. You can mark the pockets out at whatever sizes you like and this apron could also be useful around the house so design to suit your tools.

step 2

Once you have pinned the pocket stitch along the marked lines making sure you double stitch the top of each pocket well as this will get the most wear. Next I rounded the two bottom corners by using a glass as a template. Trim and then edge the whole outside of the fabric with your bias binding excluding the top edge where we will be fitting the waistband.

step 3

Once stitched you will need to make the two ties, take the two pieces of fabric. Fold each in half with the pattern inside and stitch 5mm from the edge down one short and the long side making a tube. Once stitched each of the ties will need to be turned in the right way and using a chop stick or knitting needle poke out the corners and iron flat. I stitched my ends at a slight angle as this looks nice but is not essential.

step 4

Once you have both ties, pin and stitch them to the top either side of the body fabric. I again made a small pleat to each, and double stitched with a cross pattern as this will take the weight of any tools you use the apron for.

step 5

Next to add the waistband, you will need to iron a 5mm hem around the edge of fabric, then fold and iron. This will neaten up all the edges as you attach this over the top of the body fabric and over to the back. Double check that all the edges meet as at this point you can shorten the fabric. I found that I did needed to re iron a couple of times to make sure that the waistband covered all my edges and fitted neatly.

step 6

Once stitched in place, simply finish off any loose cotton and you will have this great and versatile apron. I am forever having to wander back to the shed for things I have forgotten so I know this will prove a very useful addition to my gardening basket. I still had plenty of fabric left so decided to make a kneeler to match.

For the Kneeler you will need

Foam, I bought mine from Dunelm Mill, for £3.80 and this dictated the size of my kneeler. Mine was 56cm x 50cm and I cut it in half to make it double height.

Piece of fabric a little bigger than your foam size.

Piece of oil cloth or PVC fabric big enough to cover the bottom and sides of your foam. I bought some PVC fabric usually used for a table-cloth. It cost £5 for 1/2 metre.

pins, cotton, sewing machine, scissors, ruler and a marker pen.

step 1

This project proved a little more difficult than the apron and if I did it again I would have made it a little differently. I cut the PVC big enough to cover the bottom and sides of my foam. Then pin each of the four corners in place to fit. Stitch each of these, and I double stitched as they will get some wear. Then turn the PVC inside out, pin and stitch the fabric again inside out to the top of the PVC on three sides, leaving a gap big enough to turn out and fit your foam through.

step 2

I made a handle for my kneeler and this was made by cutting a rectangle of left over PVC fabric and stitching the same way you made the ties for the apron. Simply twist and stitch into place on one of the sides. Once you have wrestled the foam back into the kneeler. (This was tricky as I hate the feel of foam, its like nails down a chalk board. not something I plan on doing again in a hurry!) Then you will need to hand sew up the remaining seam, I found this tricky as the PVC is quite tough to sew so you may need a very sharp needle.

step 3

Once complete I am very happy with the kneeler as it is much thicker than my shop bought one. Backing the kneeler with PVC means it is wipe able and will not soak up any moisture from the ground.

I still had a few scraps of fabric left from my project and I decided I didn’t want these to go to waste. So with a little bit of chopping I had just enough material to make a string of bunting for my summer-house! This is the most simple way to brighten up a dull corner.

For the Bunting

You will need fabric scraps, bias binding, pins cotton, knitting needle or chop stick, and scissors.

step 1

Simply cut triangles using a template to make them all the same. I like an odd number so for a 7 string of bunting you will need 14 triangles. The Calluna material has a lovely gradient pattern so with some careful cutting I was able to get lighter and darker pieces and use these alternatively along the row. You could use old scraps of fabric or even cut up some old clothes.

step 2

Stitch the v shape and trim, turn in the right way, then iron and pin inside your bias binding. Check you have both the front and back tucked in the bias binding then stitch.

I was amazed how far I managed to make the fabric stretch and If I had purchased the fabric as well as the few extra bits needed for this project the cost would still have been less than £15 for all 3 items. I don’t have a fancy sewing machine either so anyone should be able to make these items on any machine.

So here are my finished crafts, and I am very pleased with the results as I will be able to use these in the garden this summer. The bunting is a little bit of fun and matches my summer-house beautifully making it a place I will enjoy sitting in for my well deserved cuppa!

fabric 12

fabric 13

hilarys 16

This is my entry into the Hillary’s Blinds Country Crafts competition.


MEGA Prize Giveaway

Today I am offering you the chance to win a Mega Prize in my celebration of #WorldBookDay giveaway. You may have noticed we like books in the Soup Dragon House, and I love giveaways too. I am very excited to bring you the biggest, one on my blog yet, for over £100 of DK books.


Discover something new today

We have lots of DK books in the Soup Dragon House, they are one of the best known and award-winning publishing houses. With books from cooking to crafts, Star Wars to Doctor Who. I especially like their encyclopaedic books, whether the topic is natural history or Lego Ninjas I think everyone will find something to inspire them to read.

The winner of this amazing book bundle will receive the following selection of DK titles, something for everyone, ages 0 to 100.

Stitch-by-Stitch RRP £12.99
Eyewonder Reptiles RRP £4.99
Eyewonder Planes RRP £4.99
My First Body RRP £2.99
My First ABC RRP £4.99

If you would like the chance to win this amazing prize on #WorldBookDay Thursday 6th March 2014, then simply complete the rafflecopter question below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms & Conditions:
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  • #World Book Day additional terms: please allow 28 days from 6th March 2014 for your prizes to arrive.
  • For a simple guide to  Rafflecopter, please read Di Coke’s Rafflecopter Guide

WIN Wondershare Video Editor, our review

With so many different ways to take and share photos and videos of all the special moments, I’m sure you are like me and have hundreds that you don’t know what to do with. When I was offered the chance to review Wondershare Video Editor, I thought it might be something that would help. I started with a video for one of my blog posts, Berry Pomeroy Castle. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this software is to download and use. You can find the FREE trial version on the Wondershare website, or for just $39.99 you can have the full version. Download is almost instant and within minutes I was busy adding clips and photos. There are literally hundreds of effects to choose from, you can add your own words, titles and even add voice overs.

Why Choose Wondershare Video Editor
Wondershare Video Editor is the fun, easy-to-use video editing software designed to let beginners make home movie magic in minutes. It works great with video shot by any type of digital camera, camcorder, mobile device, etc.—and with all major standard and HD video formats. Or, if you want, record and edit video directly from your computer’s webcam. On board are many special editing features like Jump Cut and Mosaic Blur as well as standard editing tools, including Crop, Split and Rotate. This, combined with 300+ dynamic visual, audio and text effects available for free download, makes taking your home video to a new level of enjoyment easier than ever!

I found the software easy to use and even easier to navigate with one clear screen and thankfully not too many buttons. When it comes to sharing your video you can load directly to your smart phone as well as options to link to your YouTube account, Facebook pages and more. You can save in normal screen size or widescreen as well as options for HD video. I would think this is great for making those home movies! I must admit at this point I did hit a snag linking my YouTube account to the software, but as usual this turned out to be user error rather than a software issue. Once back in my account! it was a one click link and my video was loaded. You can set your presets exactly the same as you can online so this makes it easy for next time I load a clip.


Overall I was impressed and think this is a very reasonable piece of software that is useful for all types of users. I think for my Blog videos I will find it a great tool as the flexibility to add graphics and change fonts is much easier than the Microsoft version I had been using. I think it will take me a while to decide on my favourite effects and a little bit of tinkering time will be needed.

So how about my FIRST competition here on The Soup Dragon Says, yes I have 10 lifetime registration codes for Wondershare Video Editing software to give away, and even better this competition is open worldwide. So if you fancy having a go at making your own home movies then join in my rafflecopter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wondershare is kindly giving 10 lifetime registration codes of Wondershare Video Editor ($39.99 value) to my readers, and this is worldwide as it comes in the form of a registration code to access and download the software online.

Competition opens 24/9 12am and ends on 8/10 12am, winners will be checked and contacted, Prize must be claimed within 7 days or the prize will be redrawn.

Disclaimer I was given a lifetime copy of Wondershare video editing software to review, the opinions remain mine and have not been altered.

Dancing in jelly inspired givaway!

I have been inspired by recent events to run my first giveaway!

What better thing to give away than a pack of Gelli Baff. For those of you who have not encountered Gelli Baff before it is a great kids bath product that has no harmful chemicals and turns plain old bath water into bright coloured fun jelly! have a look at our review here

We recently danced Gangnam style in a paddling pool of the stuff for Red Nose Day, so I now feel that I need to share the Gelli love…

Enter my rafflecopter giveaway and a whole bath of red gelli could be winging its way to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Painting rooms

Is it ok to paint a room the same colour as a cereal packet?

Strange question I know, but one I found myself thinking about. Now if I go back to the beginning…
A year ago I was lucky enough to win a competition with Dorset Cereal. It was one of the first ones that I won on Facebook, and is still one of my favorites. You had to suggest a new flavour for granola and mine was Elderflower and Blackcurrant.
I was really quite shocked when they invited me to their Dorset HQ, and was given a lovely hamper. For six months of last year my cereal was on sale in Waitrose, Tescos and Sainsbury.

Fast forward…my husband jokingly suggested that we paint the dining room the colour of the packet, I wasn’t convinced but did like the idea. Last week, I had a day off and thought it would be good to decorate the small bedroom. Now the colour would really suit a spare room. So off to the Dulux decorating centre, I thought I might get a strange look when I pulled out the packet of cereal and asked them to match it! But it turns out that they have seen everything from flakes of paint, a coat with the person inside and even a front door!

I am very pleased with the result, The colour is a great match and with some Next sale curtains and a lamp to finish it off, I feel very at home in my new office!

Dressed like a stick of rock

So how many of you got great gifts this Christmas? I know I was very lucky.
But have you ever had a year when you get lots of the same thing? I know one year I had enough mugs to supply the whole road! Well this year was the year of the dressing gown, I had a lovely one for christmas I have a new one in the wardrobe. And then guess what my first win of the year was, yes a dressing gown! Now it was from a great company Christys, and not your average at £70 each. Something I wouldnt normally consider buying but they are amazing, soft thick a great length and very luxurious.

The only slight issue, we are going to look like a couple of sticks of rock!

Video review for Tummy Ache…

We were chosen a couple of weeks ago by Izzywizzi Kids Play fest on Facebook to review one of the games from Orchard Toys called Tummy Ache. They were looking for families to review their top six Christmas games.

Our video review can be found HERE

The game came very well packed direct from Orchard toys, so no damage from the delivery which is great for gifts. The game itself is very well made from sturdy card and I would imagine will last as well as all Orchard toy products do.

It says the age range is from 3 -10 we think that it would be more enjoyable for the younger children as The Boy (7) and I could finish a two player game in less than five minutes. We changed the rules slightly that you couldn’t pick up a discarded card to make the game last longer.  We found it more fun when playing with Daddy and will be trying it out on Granny at the weekend. The cards are bright with great graphics, and we made up names for the bugs, The Boy was getting upset as I kept winning which is very unusual for me but he did beat me in the end!

It was quick to learn, and easy to understand, I think it would be great with different ages, and would be fun for a short time but you might get fed up after a few goes.

Tummy Ache retails at £9.50 which we felt was a little expensive for something that was ended so quickly.

Overall we give this game 3 out of 5 and we will be playing it again.


We played this with Granny as promised at the weekend, and she picked it up very quickly. We had great fun and it is a much better game with 4 people. Still finished a game in less than 5 minutes and granny won!