Looking back at 2013

Today is a day for looking back at the year. I have read lots of comments on social media some people have had good years, some bad. Mine well, mine felt complicated. I wouldn’t say it was a bad year, it has been a leap of faith at times, and better at others. It certainly has flown by as I guess all years will do now.

2013 has had its high moments, with an interesting holiday to Disneyland Paris, and some special boy moments, with trophies for fencing. These special moments I try to treasure, as I realise I will never get them back. There have been testing moments like loosing friends or┬áDad M’s leg, and I am still playing taxi driver but hopefully not for too much longer. All of the moments I can think of in the last year seem to have been for a reason though, one not happening without another.

So I have decided not to look back, but to look forward. I hope that 2014 will bring you all lots of fun family moments, I hope it will bring you opportunities, challenges and lots of smiles. I think I will live by the old saying of what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and I will be making a jam jar full of my favourite bits so I can look back on 2014 with a smile.

Wherever you choose to spend the last of the old year. here is to 2014, and a Happy New Year to you all.


Fencing life lessons

I keep saying how much I love fencing. Not just because it is a good sport for keeping fit but also for the life lessons that it teaches. Friday after warm up the kids were told they are being tested.

The less you put in the less you get out of life

They were told this works for everything, and that if they didn’t work hard on their warm up and skived, it had been noted and they would not be getting a reward at the end of the night.

I think this is a good lesson to learn.