GoFest – A Family Day Out

Over the summer we had some great family days out including attending the GoFest event at the University of Surrey venue. Coming from a seaside town it was great to spend some time away from the Coast. GoFest is in its second year and is the brainchild of founder Paul Farris. His idea is to inspire families to spend more time together, get healthy and find new activities.

We were invited to attend the weekend long event and being an active family already we were up for a challenge. We were able to book up to 4 activities in advance, with more available on the day. Activities started from 9am on the Saturday and included well-loved sports as well as some I had never heard of.


Our first stop was some family relays and obstacle fun, followed by an athletics masterclass with Olympian Roger Black. This was my highlight of the day as the boy learnt how to improve his running style, and set up for a sprint start. Roger was great with all the kids, and even stopped for a quick picture afterwards with the boy.


My next booked activity was Wall Ball, it sounded fun, and turned out to be a very energetic sport. We were treated to a one to one lesson followed by practice and a demonstration from the current UK champion. The boy bought his own wall ball, and we have since had a few family matches while on our family holiday.


Time for Mum and Dad Dragon to take a breather as the boy took part in a Free Running session with a Flair Gymnastics club. He had a great time and took part for a full hour. He learned some new moves, and was the only person to finish the class as the others dropped out. It was great for the boy to try out Free Running as he has wanted to try this for some time. Now I’m on a hunt for a local club.


We finished our GoFest day with a game of Dodgeball against another very competitive family. Girls verses Boys, and the Girls won. GoFest had plenty for us to take part in, as well as stalls, charity’s, and local clubs to chat too. A huge TV screen with coverage of the Olympics and we didn’t miss out on any of the medals during the day. GoFest ended with demonstrations of sport and dance, with live music and continued into the Sunday with more opportunities to try something new.

GoFest takes place in the summer at the Surrey Sports Park, part of the University of Surrey. With use of the Surrey University sports venue and grounds there were watersports, in the pool. You could use the university’s amazing climbing wall or join in with local clubs with the more recognised sports of football and tennis. There was far more than we could fit into the day, and we will defiantly have to come back next year for some more #GoFestUK fun.

Disclaimer, we were invited to attend the event in return for a review of our day.


The Wedding – What if? – Review

The Wedding is Number 16 in the series of What If puzzles. This 1,000 piece puzzle is available from Ravensburger for RRP £11.99.

The weeding is a fun illustrative puzzle where the picture on the box is not the finished puzzle picture. Some of the elements remain the same but others change and until the puzzle is finished you wont see the full picture. This is the second What if? puzzle that I have completed and I do find them more of a challenge than a standard picture puzzle. The boy likes these puzzles too as he likes the sense of humour and spends time spotting all the jokes.


The wedding as you might have guessed shows a wedding party, but not as the bride had hoped. The puzzle picture is what might happen if the groom was in charge of sorting out the wedding reception. I found this puzzle tricky to complete and took me a little longer than I normally would spend on a 1,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle. The picture is bright and engaging and despite not having a full picture to work from was not hard to complete.

the wedding what if

I started with the edges, followed by the block colours. The speech bubbles are also easy to pick out, and from then on you have an idea of where the picture is going. The finished picture has some funny touches, but I wont spoil it for you by showing you the completed puzzle as you will have to try it for yourself. I think this puzzle would make a fun gift for a friend who is getting married, or simply if you like a puzzle that is a little more challenging.

Ravensburger puzzles are available from toy and game retailers as well as online from Amazon and other online sites.

Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in exchange for an honest review.

Confessions of a Summer Parent

Confessions of a summer parent, yes we have all been there! The moment when a game of hide and seek turns into Mum sneaking off for hidden bar of chocolate, or is that just me?

I start off in week one of the summer holidays fresh, ready to tackle the world. With my weekly planner, a mixture of days booked, and exciting activities planned. Baking, working together, meeting friends. You know the kind of things.

Week two we have started to get into the bad habits of late nights, irregular meal times and too much screen time. The boy wants to spend his days on the computer, yes its minecraft. Things not quite going to plan, and lack of summer sunshine never helps.


By week three, and you can throw the planner out of the window. Mornings are spent with long lazy lie ins, and afternoons gardening, cleaning and catching up around the house. While the boy spends too much time on computers and tv, I try to tempt him away.

Week four and its time for a change. We like to go away, and Dad dragon has booked a week off. I however have a confession and haven’t managed to find anywhere reasonable priced to stay! Whoops. Resulting in a grumpy husband and a staycation. I quickly get my thinking cap on and prey for good weather, the odd ice cream and trip to the beach, I manage to save the week.

confessions pictures

Entering week five and already the panic has set in. Do the shoes fit? Wjat happened to your PE kit? Is it still at school? Where can we get those bits of uniform? Ah yes I had forgotten all your school trousers have holes! So its time to get the iron out and the name labels on order.

By week six we are on the home straight, and this is where my confessions of hidden chocolate come in. The boy however has sussed out my hiding places and can hear the crinkly sound of an opening wrapper. Like lightning he can intercept me, with a well placed “where’s mine?” and before we blink its the new school year.

confessions summer

I love the summer holidays, the best days are the ones that are unplanned. The days where we get on our bikes and see where the wind takes us. As a family doing silly things and often free activities are the ones, which have the fondest place in our memories. I am lucky, I get to spent the whole summer with my boy, there are good and bad days, but when he goes back to the school routine, there is a big gap. He is already going into his last year of primary school, so my summers are running out. I had best get the planner out and hiding the chocolate ready for summer 2016.

This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor

Camel Up – Review

Camel Up is another award-winning game distributed by Esdevium, suitable for ages 8+, 2-8 players and RRP £24.99. This is a fun betting game for all the family, and has already become a family favourite.

The box contains a board, rules, 5 coloured camel counters and matching dice. 40 race betting cards, 8 desert tiles, 15 leg betting cards, 5 pyramid tiles and a selection of coins and notes. There is a small amount of construction needed for the pyramid which is used to shake the race dice, but this is easy and takes no time to make. I love that with Camel up they have thought about how you store the pieces and the box comes with zip lock bags for the smaller pieces for after you have opened packets of cards.

camel up

Camel up is a game that is fun to set up, the board has a town for the betting part of the game and a track for racing the camels. The set up for the game takes a while to work out, and I have taken to reading through game instructions a day before embarking on a new game. This way it saves the frustration of the boy wanting to play straight away. We were very soon getting stuck into learning how to play camel up, and working out our strategy’s. Once you have laid out all the pyramid, and betting tiles. Given each player a starting kitty of 3 Egyptian pounds, 5 betting cards and a desert tile it is time to set up the camels.

camel up pyramid

We love the pyramid dice shaker and you store the coloured dice inside for the game, but first shake all the dice to find out where the camels are going to start. The fun part of the game is stacking the camels. If a camel lands on another he goes at the top, and becomes a unit meaning that he moves with the camel below. The object of the game is to bet on the winning camel and make as much money as you can. This sounds simple but there is plenty to think of, and once we had tried the game a few times found that you had to take a few risks in how you bet.

On each turn of Camel up you have four options, first to take a betting tile on which coloured camel you think might win the leg. Betting on the overall winner. You could place your desert tile on the board or move it to help boost a camel to the winning line or stop him in his tracks. Or your other option is to take a pyramid tile and shake and release a dice from the pyramid. The rules are far more comprehensive and once you have played the game through are easier to understand. Camel up is basically played in sections legs with each player taking turns until the last dice is released. The bets are all paid out, and moneys won and lost. We found each game was made up of about 4 or five legs and took about half an hour to play.

camel up game

The game ends when the first camel crosses the finish line. The game stops monies are paid and the overall winners and looser are paid out. This we found was where it was worth taking an early risk on which coloured camel might make it to the finish line. Camel Up is a great family game and one that we have played with granny too. We found the boy doesn’t like to take risks and Dad dragon does! This means that out of the last 4 games we played Dad has lost quite badly including going into minus coins! The boy likes Camel up, working out how staking the camels and moving them and which ones still have to move in relation to the coloured dice. At first glance Camel up may seem a little straightforward or even dull, but we can see why it already has won awards, and has become an evening favourite.

If you would like to play Camel up with your family  this summer then have a look at my affiliate link below visit the Esdevium website for stockists or enter my gleam giveaway using the app below.



Camel Up

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The Roundstone Pub Restaurant – Review

The Roundstone Pub Restaurant is part of the Whitbread group and with pub restaurants all over the country we were excited to be invited to try out their new family friendly summer menu. The Roundstone Pub can be found just outside Worthing on the A259 and is conveniently located between Worthing and Littlehampton. We often pass the Roundstone on trips out as a family and I have often wondered what their food was like.

The Roundstone had a lovely feel to the place from when we were greeted and seated. There are lots of little alcoves around the building and this gave a lovely feel of having your own private space, and not upsetting any of the other diners. The Roundstone was quite dark when we went in, but we were seated at a lovely bright table overlooking their outside space. We were welcomed by the manager and waiting staff, and soon had drinks while we decided what to try for our dinner.

the roundstone

The summer menu had plenty to choose from, there was also a Sunday roast menu, specials as well as a great looking kids menu with a Horrid Histories theme. I was pleased to see that the kids menu had a great selection to choose from and with a buffet style choice you could mix and match your kids favourite foods for £3.99. This included either a pudding or starter.  You also had the option for £4.99 to have mini versions of the adult mains, this would be perfect for families with tweenagers. The boy loved the Horrid Histories kid pack which came with crayons and kept him amused for a good amount of time while we waited for food.

Dad and I decided to skip on a full starter and share a bread board, as we wanted to save room for pudding. Dad and I had lots to choose from, and soon had picked something tasty. Dad chose surf and turf, something which is a very special treat, I don’t oftern cook steak at home. I chose to try out the vegetarian pie, with a spicy tomato pastry and fresh veg, which came with the Sunday roast trimmings and I do love a good Yorkshire pudding. The waiting staff were very friendly, and seemed to know lots of the other diners. We soon realised that this friendly pub has lots of very loyal customers, and the waiting staff enjoyed time to chat and get to know their customers which makes the Roundstone pub a family friendly place to eat.

roundstone food

The food was quick to turn up, and was hot and looked great. I did think that the plates were rather large and this meant that it looked like you had less on your plate. The boys hot dog looked very lost! The food was very fresh and tasty and Dad was impressed that his steak was exactly as he likes it, and he said the prawns were very tasty. My vegetarian pie came with roast potato’s, Yorkshire pudding, and the carrot and sweed mash was lovely. The boy wasn’t feeling quite himself and while he enjoyed the mash and peas said that the hot dog didn’t look very appealing. I thought it looked like a nice hot dog with a traditional style English sausage, something I think on a good day the boy would have enjoyed.

We made sure that we saved room for pudding, and I had my eye on the banoffee pie, while dad had to try a jaffa cake sundae. The boy chose to have a pudding from the specials rather than the kids menu, choosing an eton mess. The kids puddings looked great fun though with coffin puds with chocolate mouse and body parts. Our puddings looked amazing, and tasted just as good. Dad said he was inspired for us to make him more jaffa cake sundaes. My pudding was the nicest I have had on a meal out, and they were all very reasonably priced too, starting at £3.49.

roundstone puds

I have to sum up that the Roundstone pub has been a great place to stop off and eat, and will be a new family restaurant to add to my list. Our meal including drinks came to £59.46 and we thought for the amount we had was good value for money. I will certainly keep the Roundstone in mind as children eat free on a weekday before 5pm and also for breakfast. There are plenty of offers on the website as well as joining the Tasty reward card, where you can eat for free on your Birthday. The roundstone pub is a great place to take family and I would recommend it as it had a lovely warm friendly family feel, and lovely staff.

Disclaimer, we were asked to try out the Roundstone pub and were given credit to spend on our food. Our opinions remain our won and have not been altered.


Summer Holiday Crafts with Baker Ross

Each summer I like to do some crafts with the boy, and we start off with our summer holiday planner. Baker Ross have some great summer craft packs, and we were sent a selection to try. This is something I have made and kept every year since the boy started school. It is a great way of recording our days out, and something we can look back on, to remind us what we did as well as being a visual diary of what we have to look forward too.

summer holidays

Usually I rule out a large sheet of card with a box for each day, this year I had an unused calendar which I cut up and stuck to a sheet of card. Then it was the boys job to decorate it and make it look nice. We used the Baker Ross Craft-it! square self adhesive jewels to embellish our Summer planner, as well as Deco pens to highlight special days out. The boy enjoyed making a rainbow by lacing and threading beads and hung this from the bottom of our planner. Having a Summer Holiday Planner helps stop some of the questions, and “I’m Bored!” moments in our house. I will add days out and play dates. This way the boy can see where we are in the holidays as he often forgets what day it is. Having a holiday at the end also means we have something fun before he starts back at school in September.

summer holiday

Once completed we looked at some of the other New Summer Holiday crafts from Baker Ross. The boy enjoyed the wooden frame lacing kits which come in four shapes with four colours of wool to make fun and intricate patterns by treading through the pre drilled holes in each shape. We used the Deco pens to add colour to the shapes, and the boy then hung them up for decoration. I have been very impressed with how easy to use the Deco pens are and as they are acrylic they wash off hands, while the colours still stay vibrant on your project.

rainbow holiday craft

Baker Ross also have great little party bag fillers, and we used our sticky monsters to make little thank you gifts. We decorated our craft baskets, and filled each one with sweets and a gift, perfect to say thank you for friends and teachers.

baker ross summer holiday crafts

We have loved crafting with the Baker Ross Summer Holiday Range, and are now looking forward to some more fun crafting projects over the summer. Have a look at the Baker Ross website for crafts for all ages, and with the click and collect service you don’t even have to stay at home for your parcels.

Disclaimer: we were sent these products to try, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


Family Fever

Best of British – Review and Giveaway

The Best Of British board game from Drumond Park (RRP £24.99), celebrates everything that makes this island what it is! This game is played with teams or individual players (2-6) and is suitable for ages 12+, although if you are playing as a team you can play with younger players, who I think will enjoy some of the fun questions.

The Best of British box contains a round playing board, 400 question cards, rules and 6 playing pieces. The game follows the same style of play as the other LOGO board games, so if you have played them The Best Of British will need no explaining.

best of british

We like to play The Best of British board game as teams so here is how you set up. Each of the two teams chooses a playing piece and places on the start square of the board. You then choose a question master for the first team, and they pick a card from the box. Starting with the top question on the card (red question) they read out to the other team. If they answer correctly they move their playing piece to that colour space on the board. If they answer incorrectly or pass then the question can be asked to the question masters team. If they can answer correctly then they can move their piece to the questions coloured space.

There are three types of question card, picture, theme and pot luck. Sometimes there is a picture or word clue on the back of the card and this side can be shown to the players. Play continues with each team taking it in turns to ask the questions from each card. Play continues until one of the teams reach the winning zone, where a bonus question must be answered before the team can be declared the winners.

best of british board game

The Best of British is a great game that we have enjoyed playing. The boy likes to be question master and this has improved his reading skills with some new words that he hadn’t come across before. There are some historical and difficult questions but we found there are also some very funny and random questions. Like what is the average weight of an average British snowman? The Best of British board game will be something that I think families can enjoy over a BBQ with friends and family, or if like us you plan to go away this summer it will be fun to take with us for that unexpected wet day!

We had great fun playing this game, and also just testing each other on our British knowledge, we loved the addition of the Olympic questions as the boy could answer some of these. If you would like to try out this fun British board game then have a look below at my giveaway.

The Best of British

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Open Goaaal – Review, and Giveaway

Open Goaaal! is a great new outdoor football goal, with a difference. No more lost balls, or trips round to next door to beg for your ball back. Yes that’s right, the people at Open Goaaal have found a solution, a net that spans your whole garden. Available from the Open Goaaal website a standard goal costs RRP £134.99, or the large is available for £149.99.

Open Goaaal

I have been very surprised at what a brilliant invention Open Goaaal is, I have frinds who have goals in their gardens and get fed up or having to retrieve balls. The boy likes nothing better than a good kick about with Dad Dragon in the back garden at weekends, and it turns out after playing for two hours last weekend isn’t too bad as a goalie!

The Open Goaaal is not suitable for all gardens so before you all rush off to buy one some measuring is required. The minimum size for the standard Open Goaaal is 6.3m, with a maximum of 8.3m. Now I have to say I had measured our garden twice, and after reading the instructions realised the goal is actually 4.75m wide, so if you do have a rectangle garden and can secure the posts of the Open Goaaal to existing fence posts then you might be able to fit the Open Goal neatly across a garden. ( Check out the website as they have pictures in their assembly video)

The Open Goal comes in one very neatly packed box, with very comprehensive instructions which go into great detail on how to install the goal. The box also comes with all the tools you will need, a heavy duty mallet, and a rather unique spirit level( you will need to use your own tape measure) I would advise that you read the instructions thoroughly and check out the video too. there is even a helpline number if you get stuck, luckily our Open Goaaal went up smoothly with no problems.

Have a look at our fun time-lapse video which shows us putting up our Open Goaaal!

I was always told to “measure twice and cut once” and this could be the open goal motto, as making accurate measurements on the ground and double checking meant we had no problems installing the Open Goaaal in less that the two hours recommended in the manual. I would go into detail, but basically the system has two very tall poles, which need marking out then with a system of bungees, and ropes you install the Open Goaaal net which cleverly has a football goal mounted in the middle of a finer net. This gives the appearance of a goal with no posts.

There are trouble shooting sections in the manual which cleverly detail each example of a problem and tells you which bungee or rope to adjust. I found that by taking each step slowly none of these were needed and in total I think our goal took around an hour for two adults and one child to construct.

What is super cleaver about the Open Goaaal is that at the end of a football session you can simply unclip the four bottom pegs of the goal and the whole thing neatly slides to one side so that you can have you garden back. We have installed our goal across the bottom of the garden and once pulled back it is hardly visible from the house. For the purpose of mowing you just lift the net and the Open Goal simply hooks up out of the way, this is also useful to stop foxes from nibbling the Open Goal!

open goaaal

I have been surprised already how much use the boy has got from his Open Goaaal, and I think that every football mad, or boy filled household should have one. The Open Goaaal has been a super addition to our outside activities and the boy enjoyed running around inventing timed activities and pretending he is taking part in world record breaking footballing events.

For more information on where to buy your Open Goaaal, instillation or just a huge list of other people who agree that Open Goaaal is fantastic visit the website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now for the exciting part, as I have the chance for one lucky reader to win an Open Goaaal to install in their garden. This is my best and most exciting prize to date, with a RRP of £134.99, this summer you could be enjoying peaceful days in the garden without the constant apologies to next door for flying balls! Simply follow the instructions on the Gleam app below, and don’t forget to check the the T&C’s.

Win an Open Goaaal! RRP £135

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Rapidough – Review and Giveaway

Rapidough is a great fun family game from Drumond Park, for ages 8+ playing with two teams (minimum of 4 players) and has a RRP of £24.99. The boy was excited to play Rapidough as I had told him how we had played this game many years ago with friends, and just how bad Dad Dragon was at making things with dough!

rapidough review

So with Bingo Granny arriving for Mothers Day dinner, the challenge was set to play Rapidough. Bingo Granny was keen to find out more and had a little practice with the boy before he decided on teaming up with me, against Granny and Dad. Rapidough is such a simple game and such laugh out loud fun that I knew everyone would enjoy it.

Setup: The box contains two of each, mats, dough, knife, plunger as well as a box of 300 word cards. Choose your teams, and dough colour from the blue and yellow. Then decide from the packs of cards which ones you are going to use. There are three packs Pack one has only one word which must be modelled. Pack 2 has three words and you can choose which you make. Pack 3 have two words on coloured backgrounds which you model the word the same colour as your dough.

rapidough models

Modelling rules are simple as anything goes, and you decide before the game if you are happy for modellers to animate their creations. Modellers start at the same time and race the other team to make and get the correct guess before their opposing team. Sometimes this happens very fast other times it can be slower as more detailed modeling is needed. The first team to model and guess correctly win and steal a plug of dough from the other team. The winner is the one with dough left when the other team run out!

Rapidough has to be a game I remember being fond of playing as I love the dough modelling, and the creations can be so funny. Especially Dad Dragon as he is not the most creative person. The boy is always keen to win and we set of at a great pace winning the first two rounds and stealing dough from a reluctant Bingo Granny. Our opponents soon pulled back with the next few rounds and for some time it was pretty level. Then the boy made a fantastic Statue of Liberty, which even Dad had to admit was very creative. I think however our opponents were cheating a little with less modelling and more gesturing going on.


The boy and I won the day with a final flourish, and I have to say it was lovely to see him so happy and engrossed in a game. There was much laughter mostly at Dad trying to make an animal, and then trying to stop the boy from taking dough. Rapidough is defiantly a game for stay in-doors family fun. So if you are stuck for something to play with your family on a wet day we can thoroughly recommend Rapidough. If like us you are a smaller family of 3, then don’t worry as the boy invented his own modelling guessing game. He modelled the words and I had to guess the answers, the rules can also be adjusted as suits your family, and even little kids can team up with grown ups to be guesser’s.

You can buy Rapidough from your local toy retailer or online using this Amazon affiliate link

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Disclaimer we were sent Rapidough to review and keep, the content of this review is in our own words and has not been altered.

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Summer Cycle Ride

It has been the perfect weather for a summer cycle ride, and something we love to do as a family. While the weather was still good we thought we would go out and try out my new cycle helmet. Yes I realised its time I followed the rest of the family and wore one. The boy chose the inland cycle route, which is a great track out towards the nearby town of Barnham. The place we catch our trains to London! It’s a great route and one I like as it has no traffic.

summer cycle ride

The track was busy, with dog walkers, and other cyclists, and we soon arrived at the other end, where I knew there was a new play park area. The boy and Dad enjoyed playing a game of football, and basketball. The boy enjoyed playing and climbing in the new playground and I enjoyed the sunshine and quiet.

outdoor fun summer bike ride

I was trying to get the fit right on my new bike helmet. TMart.co.uk are a great website for all sorts of outdoor gear, and the Adult Cycle Helmet I was sent to review was perfect. The only problem was my head was too small. I am aware that it is important to have a well-fitting helmet, so after a couple of attempts, I decided the helmet is better fitted to Dad! I think the yellow colour rather suits him, and he found it a very easy helmet to adjust and wear.

summer cycle ride tmart

While I now use the more subdued grey helmet, I am very impressed with the range of TMart helmets that they offer on their website. The price for this yellow cycle helmet was less than £17 which is a competitive price, and with all the safety certificates. The helmet was easily adjustable and very lightweight. The delivery was well packed and speedy, so great service all round.

summer bike ride


The cycle ride home was beautiful as we watched the diggers finishing off the new road, and there were hundred’s of butterfly’s in the hedgerow. I kept having to stop to take photos, but the boy was gone. He loves the freedom of this cycle path, and we think they should build a few more. Cycling in one of the activities that will join our Summer Holiday activities list, and I think the boy would rate it in his top five things to do!

park fun

Disclaimer I was sent the cycle helmet in return for an honest review.

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