Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places

Yes it is possible to find Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places, and that is the challenge for the two men in my life, set by Sports Direct. Of course Sports Direct sell sport clothing and accessories and that would be perfect for my two sporty fan’s. I am talking about Hubby and the boy, they come as a pair in my life, so I think it only fair to treat them to something fun this valentine’s. I was looking for the unusual, while still being a practical kind of Mum, this proved easier than I though. So here are my choices:

A Nike combat base layer will be perfect for the boy on a Friday fencing session. As much as I love to watch the boy fencing, and I love his enthusiasm for his sport, the soggy sweaty cuddles are not so appealing, so this could be my answer! and even better at £15.99 a great price.


Next to Dad M, who since his Badminton accident has not done any sport. We need to ease him back in gently so the perfect thing, would be to have a little game at home. This set of 4 badminton rackets and shuttle would mean we can have a gentle game in the garden and get Dad M back to his fit self. Priced at £16.99 for the set this is perfect as an introduction to the sport, or simply a great beach, or garden set.72802590_xlNext I would treat them both to a new skate bag, something that they can transport their skates easily in and much cooler than a supermarket shopper. These Airwalk bags would be perfect and at £11 and £12 are not over priced, while still having plenty of style and useful pockets.

Finally I would get them this trophy, just to say how proud I am of them both and how special they are. If I hadn’t met Dad M all those many years ago, we wouldn’t have our fantastic boy. So here are you go, you don’t have to buy the dull and boring chocolates and cards this Valentines find something a bit different and not so ordinary!

All the gifts above are available on the Sports Direct website, this is my entry onto Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places with Sports Direct.

Safesport id

Have you ever thought about your children’s safety while playing sports? I know I have with my sport mad boy. I know he is 8 and pretty responsible but it can be a worry when I leave him at his fencing club in case something went wrong and I wasn’t there.

Safesport id is a great idea, a wrist band which you can have personalised with your emergency contact details and medical information. The children’s bands come in different sizes and each is laser cut with the information you supply. I was able to add 4 lines of text, Name, emergency phone numbers and allergies. (Note double-check the information you add to the band, as I have put on the wrong phone number for dad!) The band remains discreet, but still easy to find, without being able to read the information from any distance. The bands are also available for adults and come in some great colours, this was the only draw back with the children’s band which is only available in red. For sports like running cycling, skiing where you might be on your own, if you were unfortunate to have an accident, services would know exactly who to contact or more importantly any existing medical conditions or medication.

The Safesport id band could also have a great use for smaller children on days out in theme parks or at the seaside The band is sized to your child so unlike a fashion band it will not fall off, it will also not disintegrate like the paper ones. The boy has been wearing his band now for the last few days and finds it comfy and forgets he has it on. He is pleased that he wouldn’t have to remember my phone number if he needed to contact me and likes the added security.

Safesport ID bands are manufactured in Spain, so the initial purchase is not cheep. Kids bands start from 16.95 Euros and I think an investment in your child’s safety if you spend a lot of time out and about or your child is a wanderer!

Safesport id have given me a code for anyone who would like to purchase a band of their own it gives you a 2 Euros discount use: safesporterqdbTINA at the checkout.


Disclaimer we were sent a safesport id band for the purpose of review, the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.

My Little Champion Fencer

My son at his first fencing competition. I love this picture, it was taken at my sons first fencing competition. Each time I find it on my computer it makes me smile, as he looks so genuinely happy! I wonder what will happen at this years competition which is coming up soon. He came 3rd last year but had only been fencing a month. This year he says he wants to come first, so we will have to wait and see. Whatever happens, I hope he continues to enjoy taking part, and I know that I will always be proud of him whatever he does.

Yesterday we went Electric…

Yesterday was a first, as the boy was fencing electric. I’m always amazed at his possitive attitude towards new things, and this is no exception.
I have only seen adult fencers wired up, so it was nice to turn up and find that even the little ones were going to have a go…

Wednesday is the best day of the week…

I love wednesdays!

That may seem a strange day to pick, I know and this time last year I am not sure I would have said this. Why? Well its a strange one, but I have a new love of fencing. No not the type you have in the garden, but the one with swords, or foils to give them their proper name.
I know its a bit of an odd thing to say, but since my son started fencing about a year ago I have finally found a sport that I enjoy. I never had been a fan of football, tennis etc. I can put up with some of the different sports especially those in the winter olympics, but am definatly a sofa kind of sports person.
I suppose I was lucky that my son chose fencing as a sport to try in the first place. He saw a flyer in his school bag and asked to give it a try. I never have been a mum to force him to do things (except for swimming) so try not to say no if he finds something he thinks he might like.
After a term at school I discovered the teacher was not in control and the boy found that the others mucked about a lot.
I found a new club, with a new teacher so we tryed it out and he loved it! So now every wednesday I sit and watch, the teacher is amazing with the kids and teaches them respect and lots of life lessons.
The boy has taken part in 2 competitions and done really well by winning a trophy on the first one. Hes just been given another best fencer trophy, and a gold medal.
So here I am on a Friday night, writing this post in another sports hall as now the boy has decided that 1 day is not enough. The things us mums do for our kids…But this one does make me smile…