Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Puzzle – Review

You may have noticed that the Queen has just celebrated her 90th Birthday, and I joined in the celebrations by completing a very beautiful puzzle from Wentworth Puzzles.  The Queen Elizabeth II puzzle is RRP £32 for the 200 piece puzzle, or £62 for the 400 piece.

Wentworth puzzles are all made from wood, and they come in a little cloth bag. The Queen Elizabeth II puzzle has 200 pieces, but don’t be fooled into thinking that will make it easy. The unique way this puzzle is cut means that each piece has a unique shape, and with a shaped outline, even the edges are hard to spot. This is about the 5th puzzle that I have completed from Wentworth puzzles as their #MinisterforJigsaws and the first thing you notice is the quality.

queen elizabeth

Some of their puzzles have “whimsy” pieces and these make the completion of each puzzle more tricky. This Queen Elizabeth II puzzle has some lovely “Whimsy” figures of the queen, crowns and her famous handbag. Each “Whimsy” pieces is cut carefully into the main puzzle, and these still fit beautifully with the more traditionally shaped pieces.  The boy likes me to leave these pieces till last so that he can place them into the puzzle. I am not a huge royal fan, but loved completing the queens Birthday souvenir puzzle and studying the pictures of the queen over the last 90 years.

queen elizabeth wentworth puzzle

The way the Queen Elizabeth puzzle is cut allows some great details including the 90 cut from the bottom corner, and the queens profile shape of the finished puzzle. The Queen Elizabeth II puzzle would be a great keepsake gift for a royal fan, or puzzle fan, and one I will enjoy completing again. Visit the Wentworth Puzzles site for a fun selection of unique premium puzzles where you can even have your favourite pictures turned into a unique gift.

Disclaimer, I was sent this puzzle to review as part of the #MinisterforJigsaws programme. The words remain my own and have not been altered.

Hampton Court Palace – Ravensburger Puzzle Review

Hampton Court Palace is a Ravensburger Puzzle in the series of Historic Royal Palaces. This 1,000 piece puzzle would be suited to ages 12+ with a RRP £11.99.

hampton court palace

At first glance I thought the Hampton Court Palace puzzle would be tricky as I don’t do many photographic puzzles. But on closer inspection I realised there were a few bold blocks of colour. I sorted the edges, and also the blue of the sky and bright colours of the figures at the bottom of the photograph. The other part of the puzzle that stood out was the Astronomical Clock in the top left. These were all pretty straight forward to complete, and have some great details.

hampton court palace jigsaw

I was worried that I might lose interest in the Hampton court puzzle with its vast expanse of brick and greenery. I didn’t find this was the case as, as you sort through the pieces you realise they are very different. Details of the building pop out as you complete the puzzle. I thoroughly enjoyed completing this puzzle and enjoyed reading about each of the historical details on the picture sheet.

hampton court palace puzzle

Hampton Court Palace looks like a beautiful palace to visit, and is on our to do list, this puzzle has been lovely to complete and enjoy the detail of this historic palace.

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Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle to review the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

The Craft Shed – Ravensburger puzzle review

The Craft Shed is the first in a new series of havens from Ravensburger puzzles. This 1,000 piece puzzle is available for RRP £11.99 and suitable for ages 10+.

craft shed

The craft shed is an illustrative puzzle and has everything I would expect from a high quality traditional Ravensburger puzzle. Steve Read who illustrated the puzzle is from the East coast, and has been a self-taught artist for many years. The craft haven is the first in the series depicting sanctuaries and retreats, and certainly depicts a place I would love to retreat to at the end of the day.

craft shed puzzle

I was interested to see exactly how long it takes me to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle so timed myself while completing the craft shed. I started with the edges, then found the flowers and blue of the window stood out. This process took about an hour, and was followed by picking out the dominant colours from the illustration. The craft shed has some great detail, cute creatures and all fits beautifully together with the Ravensburger soft click system. I found interesting parts of the puzzle from the start, and enjoyed the different textured and coloured areas of this puzzle.

craft shed haven puzzle

I think it took me about five and a half hours to complete the craft haven. I don’t know if this is fast or slow, but I know I get quite addicted to puzzling and find I have to complete them in one go. I think the haven series of puzzles will be very popular with puzzle fans as it has a lovely traditional feel to the completed picture. I love the addition of the fact and picture sheet that you get in these puzzle boxes. I find it much easier to use the sheet than the lid for a guide to completing the picture.

craft shed haven

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Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle to review the words remain my own and have not been changed.

Cooking up a Feast – Puzzle Review

Cooking up a feast is number 7 in the perplexing puzzle series from Ravensburger, this 1,000 piece puzzle is suitable for ages 10+ RRP £11.99.

This is the first time I have tried one of the Perplexing puzzles, and cooking up a feast was a fun puzzle that brought back memories of my Nan’s kitchen. I particularly liked the rabbit jelly mould as this was part of my childhood, along with the bone handled butter knives. Cooking up a feast is a photographic puzzle, and at first glance didn’t look as if it was going to be particularly difficult as there is plenty of colour in the picture.

cooking up a feast

I started with edges and the bright pink, orange of the rabbit jelly mould, next the red of the strawberries, jam and tea-pot. After this the puzzle was a little more difficult but certainly not impossible. There were enough little details in the cooking up a feast puzzle to keep my interest and it took about 4 hours to complete the puzzle. I loved all the vintage packaging and can imagine my Nan’s cupboards having things like these in them, I certainly remember the hand turned mincer!

cooking up


I didn’t find cooking up a feast was more of a challenge than some of the Colin Thompson puzzles that I have previously completed, but it was certainly still fun. The quality of a Ravensburger puzzle is faultless, and the pieces always sit well together. Have a look at the Ravensburger website for more of the Perplexing puzzle series or have a look at my affiliate link below.

cooking up a feast finished puzzle


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in return for an honest review.

The Christmas Cupboard Ravensburger Puzzle – Review

The Christmas Cupboard is the 4th puzzle in the Curious cupboards series by Colin Thompson. This Ravensburger 1,000 piece Puzzle is RRP £12.99 suitable for ages 10+, this festive edition is a fun bright puzzle for fans of Colin’s quirky illustrate puzzles.

christmas cupboard

The Christmas Cupboard like Colin’s other Curious Cupboard puzzles are a mix of illustrations and photographs. Ever since I completed the Bizarre town 5,000 piece puzzle I have been hooked on this eclectic picture puzzle. I love all the tiny details and completing the puzzle is like meeting up with an old friend. The Christmas Cupboard is a good mix of previous illustrations from the other puzzles, with a mix of new and a hint of Christmas cheer. I have always enjoyed seeking out the odd tiny characters in the curious cupboard puzzles. From the strange pink creatures, walking books, and the little bowler hatted men.

christmas cupboard colin thompson

The Christmas Cupboard was fun to complete and took me between 4/5 hours. I found it easy to check the enclosed picture sheet and find this more useful than the box lid when completing the puzzle. I liked the mix of colours as there wasn’t too much red which I noticed with other Christmas puzzles. The quirky feel of the Christmas Cupboard transports you to a different world and my favourite part was the corner of vintage style wrapping paper, something I’m sure my Nan used to buy from the market.

christmas cupboar ravensburger

The Christmas Cupboard has to be one of my favourite puzzles from this year, and along with the other curious cupboard puzzles I’m sure will be popular with puzzlers across the world. For more great puzzles visit the Ravensburger website, or click on my Amazon affiliate link below


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle the words remain my own and have not been altered.

Santa’s Final Preparations – Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle

Christmas is the perfect time to sit down as a family and complete a puzzle, so Santa’s Final Preparations is a great puzzle for celebrating the season. This limited edition Ravensburger puzzle is available now for RRP £12.99 suited to ages 10+

Santa’s Final Preparations is the 19th Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle developed by our British marketing and design team, and illustrated by Devon-based artist Roy Trower.
This heart-warming design is only available for Christmas 2015, so catch it while you can! – Ravensburger team

santa's final preparations

I have never done a Christmas puzzle before so was excited to see if Santa’s Final Preparations would hold my attention. With the cute illustrations and traditional feel, I was captivated from the first piece, despite the box looking quite red in colour there wasn’t as much red in the puzzle itself. Having had a debate on twitter earlier in the week on the right place to start a puzzle, I had to start with the edges.

santas final preparations ravensburger

There is plenty of small detail in Santa’s final preparations, from the toys all neatly tagged to the sweet hidden cats and cheeky elves. I found that blue was the standout colour to start me off, followed by sorting the red. I found faces and writing next then it was down to a piece by piece analysis. I find this system works for me, interestingly from the twitter chat different people have different techniques. I found that the red piece were the final pieces that I placed in this puzzle. I love how Ravensburger take such care to make every piece unique and details you don’t at first notice now pop out of the picture.

santas final preparations puzzle

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Santa’s final preparations with some help from the boy who loved the little woodland characters peeping in at the door. I think this puzzle has something for everyone, while still maintaining a traditional feel. Ravensburger puzzles make great gifts all year round, and Santa’s Final Preparation will be a great puzzle to while away the winter hours.

santas puzzle

For more fun Ravensburger puzzles have a look at their website, or click below on my affiliate link to get your Santa’s final preparation puzzle. This puzzle will only be around this year so be quick.


Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle to review the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

London at Night Ravensburger – Review

London at Night is one of the Ravensburger 1,000 piece Panorama puzzles, available now for RRP £12.99 and suited to ages 14+, this is a different and challenging puzzle.london at night

London by night is the first panorama puzzle that I have tried, and others in the range include Star wars, and seascapes as well as city skylines like this one of London. I knew this puzzle was going to be tricky as it had lots of similar colours and I wasn’t disappointed as it certainly took me a little longer to complete.

london at night ravensburger

I started with edges as always, then found it tricky to decide where to go next. I found the various shades of purples and blues difficult to sort in artificial light, so waited till morning for a clearer view. The picture of London by night has great detail, and once I had found all the bright pinks and reds, found that Big ben was the next part of the puzzle to be completed. I felt I had a bit of a head start having completed the London Silhouette puzzle last month, I knew every detail of Big Ben’s tower. The Millennium wheel was also easy to sort, and then I found it was a case of every piece in every hole especially for the sky.

london at night puzzle

London but Night is a beautiful puzzle, and one I have enjoyed more than I though as I love the elongated shape. Somehow this made the puzzle feel like it had fewer pieces, but as it took me 7/8 hours to complete I know this was not the case. I think that London by night has to be one of the more tricky puzzles that I have completed, certainly up there with the minions puzzle. The finished picture is stunning, and something I was very proud to have completed.

london at night ravensburger puzzle

Have a look below for my affiliate link to London by Night, or for more details of the this and other puzzles in the panorama series visit the Ravensburger website.

Disclaimer, we were sent this puzzle to review the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

Big Ben Silhouette puzzle from Ravensburger – Review

The Big Ben Silhouette puzzle from Ravensburger is new and part of a different style of shaped puzzle. with 1,155 pieces and measuring approx. 78cm x 101cm I would say this puzzle would be suited to age 10 and over RRP £14.99.

big ben silhouette

The Big Ben silhouette puzzle looked very different and I was excited to get started, sorting the pieces proved tricky as they have rounded edges, and this confused the boy when he came to help out. The next part of construction is usually to assemble the outside, this proved more tricky as not all the outside pieces join. It was at this point that I also discovered the unique specially shaped cut outs of London, the box hints that there is a big ben, but infact there are 3 hidden shapes with in the picture of this puzzle.

big ben

I found this puzzle compelling and finished it in about 4/5 hours there are lots to keep your interest, and the bright colours are very eye catching. I used to love round puzzles when I was little and this took me back to the days when I would sit in my room finishing my fairy jigsaws. The puzzle contains all the landmarks that you would expect to find in London, from busses to tower bridge, and the quality of the image is great too.

big ben silhouette puzzle

I loved every minute of this jigsaw, and will be adding the dolphin to my Christmas list. The pieces are up to the usual Ravensburger standard and the addition of the three specially shaped mini puzzles certainly made me smile. The boy decided he wanted to complete the puzzle by adding these and was pleased that he had been able to help.

Click below for my affiliate link to the Big Ben silhouette puzzle or visit the Ravensburger website to see the other city’s and shapes in the range. There is even a Darth Vader one for the boys!

Glorious Vintage Ravensburger Puzzle – Review

Glorious Vintage is a new Ravensburger 1,000 piece puzzle illustrated by American artist Aimee Stewart. I would suggest this puzzle would be suited to ages 12+ and costs RRP £11.99.

The picture for this puzzle is themed around wine making, and has a wonderful vintage feel to it. I thought like other Ravensburger puzzles that Glorious Vintage would be a nice relaxing easy to finish puzzle, however I found this one suitably challenging. There are a lot of similar colours in this puzzle, and unlike the cottage series of puzzles, has taken more concentration. I love the addition of all the little details in this illustration and Glorious Vintage has provided me with a different style of puzzle completion.

glorious vintage ravensburger puzzle

As always I start with sorting and the edges, as I am pretty traditional in how I look at completing puzzles. Next there were one or two brighter colours that stood out. The purple of the lavender fields and the two main monochrome posters. But once these were complete it was simply a case of taking each individual piece and finding its home on the picture. At one point I thought I was ready to give up, but I stuck with the mass of reds and greens and soon found a pattern to the pieces. This puzzle is one that I think is suited to filling in a little at a time, rather than completing big blocks in one sitting.

ravensburger glorious vintage

I think that Glorious Vintage is the puzzle that has taken me the longest to complete at around 8-10 hours, but the satisfaction when done has been much more than others that I have found easier. This is the first puzzle by Aimee Stewart that I have tried and I would certainly consider other puzzles by this artist. The fine detail in the illustration are beautiful and I love the magical and vintage feel to this picture. Glorious Vintage almost has a fairy feel to it, and is even more stunning when the puzzle is complete as the details and colours stand out even more.

ravensburger glorious vintage puzzle

Below is my affiliate link if you want to buy this Glorious Vintage puzzle, or have a look on the Ravensburger website for more of Aimee Stewart’s work.


Disclaimer, I was sent this puzzle for the purpose of review, the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

Peony Cottage Ravensburger – Review

Peony Cottage is available from Ravensburger  this 1,000 piece puzzle is RRP £11.99 and is number 8 in the series of country cottages. There is no age guide on the puzzle but I would say that 12+ is a good guide.

peony cottage

Peony cottage is as the name suggests a puzzle based on the quaint and colourful English cottages, and with the addition of birds and butterflies this puzzle was interesting to complete and look at. I found peony cottage an easy puzzle to work on as there was a good contrast of colours and some interesting little touches with hidden birds, bees, and ladybirds. I expect to finish a 1,000 piece puzzle in around four to five hours, and found the Peony cottage was around three hours, but this could be because I am getting quicker!

peony cottage ravensburger

I enjoyed completing peony cottage more than the Delphinium cottage puzzle I completed recently, as I liked the bright coloured flowers and found the puzzle built quickly as there wasn’t as much blue sky. I am so used to the Ravensburger soft click technology of these puzzles now that I take it for granted that all puzzles will fit as well as a Ravensburger. I also find myself looking for the signature blue backed pieces which I find much easier to sort into the right sides. I also love the addition of the separate picture sheet. I find this is much easier to use than the box lid when completing the puzzle and means that the box doesn’t get lent on or damaged.

peony cottage review

While I don’t think this is the first puzzle I would choose if faced with a whole shelf of puzzles. The Peony cottage has captured my interest with its very British feel and I can see will be very popular with regular puzzlers. Click on my affiliate link below to purchase Peony Cottage, of look at the Ravensburger website for other great puzzles.