Fuzzikins Craft Cozy Cats – Giveaway

Fuzzikins Craft Cozy Cats are available from Interplay  or with my affiliate link below. RRP £12.99, suitable for children ages 3+.

Fuzzikins Craft – A fuzzy world of creativity, imagination and play! It’s bed time for three adorable cats. Colour them and make them cozy in their beds. This kit includes 3 cat figurines, felt tip pens, a brush, sleeping bags and plenty of other accessories to customise and play with. What colour are your cats? Do they have patterns on?



I am always on the look out for girly gifts for my nieces, and these cute little cats caught my eye. I think they are something I would have enjoyed doing at their age so will be adding them to my shopping list. Buying for girls is a dilemma in my house where boys dominate. In-fact until 8 years ago I only ever bought gifts for boys.


I love the Interplay kits as they have such a great range including some great stocking filler gifts. Their living world sets have been great for inspiring the boy and his love of the natural world. While the Fuzzikins Cozy Cats would be loved by my niece. Have a look here to see what MotherGeek thought of the set. I love how these little customizable figures turned out.

I have one set of Fuzzykins Cozy Cats to give away and you can enter with my gleam app below.

Fuzzikins Craft Cozy Cats

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Five Black Friday Offers for Your Pets

Everyone seems to have gone mad for Black Friday offers, and with millions of pounds due to be spent today you shouldn’t forget your pets. So while you are looking for your bargain TV, the people at PetShop.co.uk have put together five Black Friday offers for you!
Have a look at the offers available this weekend from www.PetShop.co.uk below:
  1. First offer is a £10 voucher when you spend £100, so why not stock up on all your pet food, and even a few Christmas treats. (voucher will be e-mailed within 7 days of placing your order)
  2. Next is 20% off selected brands like James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Applaws.
  3. Pet Shop have an Extra £10 off all big bags of Hills Science Plan.
  4. The fourth offer is for 12 free trays when you buy big bags of Huntland or Country kitchen Dog food.
  5. Finally the fifth offer is for 35% off Yumove Joint Suppliment.
There are lots of other great offers on the Pet Shop website, and with free delivery on orders over £19.99 your pets will be very happy, as you save money this Black Friday.
Magic and Mischief have loved the goodies they received last year from the people at the Pet Shop, and I like to stock up so that I never have the mad dash to the shops for food. As you can see Mischief likes it when I shop online as it means she gets to stay in and chill, especially when its cold and wet outside!

Black Friday Offers from Pet Shop Bowl

Have you been caught up by the Black Friday Offers? Well there is still time to get some bargains over the weekend, and here are some being offered by Pet Shop Bowl.

Pet Shop Bowl Black Friday Offers:

1. Our main offer: Free £5 Voucher when you spend £50 OR Free £10 Voucher when you spend £100.
2. Extra 5% Off Royal Canin (excludes vet diets): Use code – ROYAL
3. Extra 5% Off Selected Hills (excludes vet diets & nature’s best): Use code – HILLSOFFER
4. 20% Off Selected Almo Nature dog & cat food
Pet Shop Bowl have a great range of products for your pet, and not just food a treats, all delivered to your door. To take advantage of this deal and have a happy pet follow this link to the Pet Shop Bowl website. You will have to be quick to get these offers as they end on Cyber Monday, so happy shopping.
Pet Shop Bowl is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of our staff are pet owners so we understand the needs of other pet parents.
Disclaimer we have been offered pet products in return for promotion of these offers.

Magic & Mischief receive a parcel

Magic and Mischief also enjoy receiving parcels from time to time, and the one they got last week from Pet Shop has to be theirs and the boys favourite to date!

PetShop is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of our staff are pet owners so we understand the needs of other pet parents.

Stocking over 10,000 products from all the major brands and designed to deliver your pet food direct to your door, I can see Pet Shop going from strength to strength. Ok so the idea behind Pet Shop is to make the supply of pet food easy, and with two cats I know we get through our fair share of food. But with some people unable to carry heavy bags home from shops, running out could be a big problem. I know in the past we have had to do a local corner shop dash for biscuits!

Pet Shop offer you the Bottomless Bowl option, where you can order your pet supplies delivered free over £19.99 to your door. Simply then select the frequency you would like your following delivery’s and everything is done. As far as I am aware this is an option I haven’t seen on other sites, and a great idea for a busy families like us.

petshopbowl goodies

Magic and Mischief were delighted with the samples from Pet Shop which included Dreamies which are Magic’s favourite. She behaves like the cat from the advert when she hears the packet come out from the cupboard. We tried the lazer cat toy, which the boy enjoyed, but Magic was more than a little confused by this, and is not a light chaser!


Mischief enjoyed the James Wellbelloved wet food pouches, and even growled over them. She will be disappointed when they run out as we usually feed both our cats dried food. This has made a nice treat for them and they will both miss it when it is all gone. The Canagan dry food went down well too, and again they both enjoyed this as a change to their normal biscuits.

I have checked out the Pet Shop website and am pleased with the competitive pricing for Iams which is one of Magic and Mischiefs regular dried foods. I am always surprised however that only the supermarkets seem to stock Purina One, which is my other choice of food.  I also noticed that Pet Shop have larger sized packs of Iams which certainly would work out cheaper in the long run.


I am very impressed with the service Pet Shop have to offer as a supplier of not just food, but also toys and medications, infact anything you might need for your cat, dog, or even fish! So have a look on Facebook and Twitter, or pop over to their website and compare your prices against the supermarkets.

Disclaimer, our cats were sent a sample from the Pet Shop range of poducts, the opinions remain our own and have not been changed.

National Love Your Pet Day

Did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day? No, well today will be the perfect day if you havent already got a pet, to find out which pet would suit you and your family with Hello Pet the first pet matching service

Answer a few simple questions to find out whether you are a cat or a dog person, or whether you would be better suited to keeping fish! Ok I made the last bit up, but this is a fun way to find out which pet suits you best!

Thankfully I was matched with a cat! phew, I have never fancied all the early morning walks. My chosen short-haired cat sounds perfect for snuggling up with on a wet winters evening, in front of the fire. Unlike our two well-loved felines Magic & Mischief who prefer to be out chasing mice frogs and leaves. This app is a great place to start looking for your new friend, with so many animals abandoned each year why not start with something simple like the Hello Pet app before you commit yourself to something more costly. You can share your findings with friends on Twitter and Facebook, and see which pet they matched too!

We love our cats, and I wouldn’t part with them, they bring something extra to the family even if it is only the door opening and feeding service. But to see the boy chatting to them, caring for them I know that he has another living thing to look after. So with National Love Your Pet day in mind, why don’t you give your dog a scratch, and your cat an extra treat. I might just clean out my fish, just to let them know that we care.


Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration.

We love our Pets

I have talked about our cats before and how much they mean to me, and the rest of the family. Sometimes I think that Dad M cares more about them than us, as he is known to go out at midnight to try and get them to come in, if the forecast is for bad weather.

Our recent additions to the family have proved a little more tricky. Fish! Ok I know they are not the cuddliest of creatures, but the boy saw some in a tank in a shop and asked if we could get some. We thought about it for a while, before deciding that a small tank might be a nice feature in the dining room.

I will point out that at this point fish don’t sound tricky, but I have past experience of looking after tropical fish. I know its not as easy as it looks with water testing, changing, feeding and general upkeep. These would all be good experiences for the boy, so we bought a small tank and set it up.

So the time came to go to the shop and Red, Blue and Yellow the Platy’s were purchased. There was much excitement as we settled the new additions into their new home. The following morning the excitement turned to tears as Red was found floating in the tank. Its not easy to explain to a distraught child that its not their fault, that fish can die of shock, that there could be chemicals in the water, etc. A phone call and visit to the shop, a refund didn’t help as the boy was trying to find answers. Grief can be all consuming when you are small, and watching him deal with it was upsetting enough.

Over the following weeks we did all we could each week changing water, checking levels, not over feeding, we introduced other fish. Slowly we had a lovely little fish family. But every now and then we had questions about Red, where he was why he had died, and would the other fish follow.


We love our pets, and like lots of people think they are an essential part of a home. A recent study for National Office for Animal Health showed that 77% of people believe their pet’s health is as important or more important than their own. This can of course include the types of pets that you don’t expect like fish.

The boy now has a little memorial book, where he adds the latest fish who have “gone to be with God” but we will always have a little place for Red, the first fish to spend the night in our tank. Have a look at I love my pet website for care and advice on how to look after all sorts of pets.


 This is my entry into ‘I Heart My Pet’ 2014 Blogger Competition.

Pets at Home, Christmas gifts for our cats

Thanks to Pets at Home Magic and Mischief will be celebrating Christmas too. We always have a gift under the tree for our feline friends but this year they have a large box all to themselves. Instead of the usual tin of tuna or turkey scraps from the table on Christmas day, Pets at Home have sent them their own stocking, along with some other gifts range from their range for cats.

Pets at Home have a lovely range of Christmas gifts for your pet, from £2.50 for some treats, up to Santa with is springy arms and beef treat sticks. The stocking is also very reasonably priced at £5 and has a great mixture of toys and treats, with mice, glitter balls and chocolate drops. Our favourite is the reindeer with the green tail, which I think the boy has enjoyed possibly more than the cats will.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have a Pets at Home store locally, and they are always very friendly and helpful, they have a great selection of all the brands of pet food which we buy. We also like to pop in and see what fish they have from time to time. The boy was lucky enough to attend one of their workshops with his beavers group, they were brilliant with the kids telling them all the things you need to remember before getting a pet.

So if you haven’t already treated your pets, I am sure there is still time to pick up that little gift to give your beloved animals! Now what to get our three fish for Christmas?

Disclaimer we were sent a selection of products from the pets at home range, the opinions remain ours and are unchanged.

My Feline Friends

All I wanted was a pet, I didn’t care what it was, a hamster, gerbil, cat or chicken! My Dad always had an answer as to why I couldn’t have one, too smelly, too messy, it will wreck the furniture we don’t have room. I now realise this was a battle of wills with my parents, my Dad wanted a dog, my Mum didn’t. So the result no pets! This didn’t mean I had no animals in my childhood, I had friends with pets, I looked after them while they went on holiday. I remember a gerbil drawing blood as my friend said her holiday goodbyes. I looked after mice, and even chickens but still the answer was “NO”

Imagine my surprise the day my Dad came home with a cat! YES completely out of the blue with no warning there she was Abby, a beautiful tortoiseshell. It had turned out while my Dad was decorating a customers house, the cat had followed him everywhere. The lady had told my Dad how Abby was a rescue cat who had belonged to her daughter who had sadly died. After a week of being shadowed by the cat the lady had asked my Dad to take her home, and to everyones surprise he had agreed.

Doris or Abby

Doris or Abby

So here was a small timid little cat, not the kitten I had dreamed about but still she was a pet. She had lived her early life in Abby woods in Birmingham, hence the name, and had never seen stairs living in a bungalow. She didn’t know how to play, especially with two very excited kids who still couldn’t believe their luck. Slowly she became a member of the family, finding her way from under the bed downstairs to the beanbag at the bottom of my bed. Every night she slept there with me believing she enjoyed my company, and that it wasn’t just the warmth of my nylon 80’s beanbag. Soon Abby became Doris except when my aunty Doris came to stay and a permanent part of family life.

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Doris was my best friend never judging and always there for a reassuring purr. I was convinced she came to find me if I was upset, and during my teenage years this was often. She understood all my inner angst, my dislike of all things to do with school, friends moving away, Doris was always there somehow knowing. I remember her love of all things Christmas from the boxes to the wrapping paper, and all of the turkey scraps. During the summer an outdoors mouser in the winter an in front of the fire cat, I thought she would live forever. Forever is a long time, and she did have a very long life, we don’t know exactly how old as we didn’t know how old she was when we were given her. She ended her days with a friend of the family as we had to move to a flat and couldn’t take her with us. Doris left us peaceful having had a very full life full of mice and balancing on fences which she was particularly good at!

I never wanted to replace her as there would never be a cat quite like her so imagine my surprise when a few years later another rescue tortie came into my new family. I was living in a flat with my then boyfriend who worked late shifts. I didn’t like the emptiness of the flat so we looked into getting a kitten, we were advised to get two so they had company while we were out. Sadly one died of Lukemea after only a few weeks, I was devastated as they were my babies. Thomas the tabby cat grew to be a strong willed creature who disliked me and adored my boyfriend. When he got to six months we looked at getting him some company, and there in the rescue centre was this little tortoiseshell, rehomed and returned twice how could I leave her there.

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She cam home with us and was soon named Dotty as yes she was very Dotty! she fell over, only drank from a tap and was the most affectionate companion. I have so many fond memories of my new best friend, she slept on me every night sometimes sneaking under the duvet when she thought we weren’t looking. We moved to a house and the garden became just another room till the day Dotty proudly bought home a sausage! It was then followed by bacon, and a slice of toast. We were convinced she was stealing the neighbours breakfast, it turned out they had been feeding left overs to the birds.

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Both Thomas and Dotty had full lives and saw many changes, from small garden to large and the arrival of the boy. As elderly cats the boy wasn’t exactly gentle but they tolerated his enthusiastic love. First to leave us was Dotty, who had cancer and then peacefully a year later Thomas. The house seemed empty and after a couple of years without the shadows to trip over and the sound of purring, we looked into getting just one cat this time. I was surprised to find that recue centres wouldn’t rehome with children under five and resigned myself to no more pets for a while anyway.

A friend at work then offered me a kitten, and the boy and I went to meet them they were so adorable, tiny and fluffy and all black. At 5 weeks they wouldn’t be leaving their Mum just yet but the boy was smitten with a little black bundle of silliness. Daddy said ok we can have two and we chose one each, sisters. Our two new housemates were so small and were everywhere, climbing curtains under the washing machine,and up the Christmas tree.

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Now our family is complete, the boy wont have any siblings I have come to terms with that, but he has his own feline friends. He chats to them cares for them and when they are indoors which is not that often they can be found in his room, by the radiator or on his beanbag, its not nylon but its home.

“This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition.”



On Sunday the boy was weeding the garden with dad, when he came running in with something to show me. He was very excited as he had found a small yellow snail. He told me he thought it was very rare, as he had never seen one before and he wanted to take a picture.

I went to grab the camera, and we tried to take some close up pictures. The snail seemed happy to crawl all over the boy, and moved at some speed, for a snail.
But as hard as I tried I couldn’t get the camera to work properly so suggested the boy took the snail outside and take some of his own. At this point the snail pooed on the boy’s hand, yes you couldn’t make it up! He was fascinated, and took the snail outside. After 5 minutes boy and snail returned with some fantastic pictures. I suggested that he took some more, as I know he is really keen to enter some pictures into the country file calendar. So off they disappeared.

Ten minutes this time boy and snail reappeared, and more great pictures, but now as it was time for dinner I said he needed to find newly named BORIS a safe place outside in the garden. We talked about keeping him as a pet, but I thought he would be happier somewhere nice.
There were tears! Yes real tears as the new friends parted. The boy is such a sensitive soul. But I assured him this was ok as I knew he loved his new friend.

We have printed pictures, and have some ready for the morning to take to school. What do you think?

Monday comes, breakfast eaten, showered and ready for school. “I wonder where Boris is”? The boy went off to have a look, and guess what Boris is still in the place he left him! and again when we got home, so now we have rehomed Boris in a nice shrub (rather than halfway up a tree!)

I hope he will be a happy snail, and I know a little boy who is thinking about him and dreaming about what he might be up too…