School lunchbox Tips with #HartleysYourLunchbox

Its time to start thinking about the school lunch boxes, and I have been thinking about trying something new for the boys lunches. I am lucky that he like a big variety of different foods, but over the last few weeks of term decided that he didn’t like having sandwiches any more. This made lunches a little tricky as I find I get stuck in the rut of the same things each day.

Our school have a no nut policy which is fine, but the boy does love peanut butter so that is ruled out. So I decided over the holidays to try out a few easy school lunch ideas. My first thought is to try lots of easy to eat foods, cucumber and tomatoes always go down well. I also found chopped peppers and gherkins with cubes of cheese went down well.

Wraps have been a great compromise as they are less bready than a sandwich but I can still sneak in a few bits of lettuce with plenty of chicken. I found wraps are great for picnics and I could make them the night before so there would be no mad panic in the mornings before school. I like to add in some dairy and have found a frozen tube yoghurt keep the rest of the food cool, and is defrosted before lunchtime.

school lunch

I always add fruit, and this makes a great colourful lunch. Adding a pot of Hartley’s Jelly is a little treat. With the no added sugar option you don’t have to worry about too much sugar. This summer Hartley’s are offering you the chance to collect 12 of the special edition green lids from their jelly pots. In return you will receive a free Hartley’s Lunchbox and stickers, perfect to personalise your back to school lunches.

My final back to school lunchbox tip would be to make your lunches personal to your child. Mine loves sushi, so loves a pot of rice and fish. Sometimes I even send in a small amount of tortilla chips and a pot of salsa. I have found the boys taste has changed over the years at school, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

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Actimel for Kids -Healthy Lunches

Actimel for Kids is a great new yoghurt drink perfect for kids lunch boxes or simply used as a healthy snack, with three flavours, and a space theme, we were interested to see what the boy thought.

We were invited to a cookery school in London to get inspiration for school lunches, and the boy was excited to see what he could create. We arrived in plenty of time to see the Actimel team setting up our cooking stations before being treated to some fun space themed snacks. Eating planets made from Melon, and star-shaped tortillas was fun. The kids certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves and with plenty of the New Actimel for kids to wash the snacks down, plates were soon empty.

actimel for kids header Actimel for kids

Soon it was time for us to have a go at making some Funky Lunch creations with Mark Northeast creator of the book with the same name. Our first challenge was to make some flying saucers. With crackers, cheese, tomatoes, olives, and cucumber all foods I would keep in my fridge at home. With basic instructions covered, we were free to make our individual creations.

funky lunch actimel

I was amazed at the boys creativity, and he really did enjoy the challenge of balancing crackers on cucumber legs. He also loved carving cheese with a knife. Soon we had an assortment of cheese carvings with a slight Minecraft theme. Our next challenge was a space monster sandwich. This simple sandwich would be perfect for a lunch box or treat, and the boy was enjoying himself so much he was still constructing his creation even while the other family’s had moved on.

monster sandwich actimel for kids

We say plenty of the children enjoying not only creating fun food, but the enjoyment of eating their creations. Even the boy who can be a little fussy at times, cleared all the food, and even offcuts from his plate. Inspired by his creations for Actimel for kids, he has been making sandwich cut outs at home. Even going as far as wanting to make his own lunch box creations.

actimel for kids day

Actimel for Kids is a great little yoghurt drink, and something the boy has enjoyed with his breakfasts this week. The boy enjoyed all three flavours, Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla with Strawberry being his favourite.

Each little bottle of Actimel for Kids is packed with yummy yogurt, billions of L.casei live cultures, delicious fruit purée* and essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein. Actimel for Kids is also free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colours.


Why not have a look at the Actimel for kids website for inspiration for your little ones, find out about A.C, Ti, and Mel, and add some funk to your kids lunches! For some lunch inspiration have a look at this video of Mark, and Sophie as they give you some great healthy lunch ideas.

Actimel great kids Lunch ideas

Disclaimer: We were invited to this event to try out new Actimel for Kids, and our travel was compensated. The opinions and photos from the day remain our own, and have not been altered.


Monsters University Jelly

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids have teamed up with Disney Pixar’s Monsters University to make lunchtime fun with the New Monster Jellies.
We were sent some of these new jellies to try, they come in two monstrous flavours Sulley’s Blue blackcurrant flavour and Mike’s green apple flavour. They are made for lunch boxes and have a very handy spoon tucked under the lid. Each portion of the jelly is one of your kids five a day so I didn’t feel guilty letting the boy have one in his lunch and he though he was having a special treat.

The boy was excited to have something different in his lunch box and said that he really enjoyed them. I think the colours are not as bright as expected, but that means they don’t have any nasty’s. You can buy Monsters University jelly pots in the supermarket now RRP 59p each. with the assurance of the Crosse & Blackwell name that there are no added sugars and no artificial preservatives I think I will look out for them on my next shopping trip.


Disclaimer we were sent Monsters University jellies to try, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered

The cheeky monkey, Walkers Hoops and Crosses snack review

Last week this cheeky little chap turned up with the postman. It’s always nice to get something unexpected in the post so I let the boy open this one.

Inside our shoebox was a cheeky monkey and a packet of the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses snack. We were sent a packet of the roast beef flavour to try.
My son loves crisps in his lunch so I was keen to find out what he thought of these.
our little walkers monkey with a tasty packet of New walkers hoops and crosses

The boy says

They are nice and crispy, and a cool shape. I like them but they could be a bit more beefy. They leave bits on your fingers, but its ok because you can lick it off.

I am always conscious that crisps are probably the worst part of my sons packed lunch, and do find it difficult to find healthy alternatives. Luckily these snacks are only 85 calories, and are made from whole grains with no artificial colours or preservatives. They also come in three flavours which state they are suitable for vegetarian’s.

I think I will be buying Walkers Hoops and Crosses for the boy as he seemed to really enjoy them, and if they are lower in fat and higher in wholegrain then they have to be a better alternative to crisps.

This is a sponsored post as I was sent a packet of Walkers Hoops and Crosses to review, but the opinion’s are all my own.