Review Rory’s Story Cubes for Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest Dream Toys

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This time for the top Ten Dream toys or slow toys, I understand this means no batteries!

So here is our review of Rory’s Story Cubes from The Creativity Hub.

So lets start at the beginning!

The story cubes come in a neat little box and an outer sleeve with nine six-sided dice with pictures and a small instruction booklet. This game retails at £10 and despite its size I think it good value for money. The box is nice and sturdy, with a hidden magnetic catch which keeps it firmly shut. The dice come with interesting and creative pictures which are detailed. There are faces, animals people and then objects like clocks. With 54 images and 10,000,000+ combinations plus two other expansion packs there are lots more possibilities.

The basic game idea is that you shake the nine dice and make up a story starting “Once upon a time…” with the nine upturned pictures. You can start with the first picture which appeals, and carry on till you have completed all nine pictures and come to the story end. This at first may seem easy but for me proved more difficult, as I ran out of ideas and then my mind went blank! If you are playing with lots of people it is up to them to decide if your story is any good, but ultimately there is no winner, just lots of fun, giggles and imagination.

We have played this game a lot in the last few, and its been great fun to get my son creative, we experimented with changing the number of dice and not repeating parts of previous stories. We think this a great portable game that could be kept for car journey, as the dice can be popped back in the box. (As a lover of all things Disney, this would be great for killing time in those Disney queues, or other queues for that matter) The boy loved them too, and asked if I could pop them in my handbag for when he gets bored! The box recommends that ages 6+ and I think that this would be about right, although if you have kids with very active imaginations who are younger they may love the story cubes too, as you don’t need to be a good reader to get the ideas. We even used them for my sons story writing homework, I just hope the teacher didn’t think that his story was too random!

Overall I think this is the best game we have reviewed and I can see why it has won awards already. I noticed it says an app is coming soon, (on the website it says available now) and I think this will be a great hit as even more portable.  I think I would certainly consider this as a different toy gift, and even better that it needs no batteries just an active imagination!

We award Rory’s Story Cubes a family 5/5* + extra learing imagination and education points!

Dr Dreadfull Scab N’ Guts Game review for Izziwizzi Kids

This is our second game review for Spin Master games, and Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest and I must confess I was not looking forward to this one, as I am a little bit squeamish! so was pleasantly surprised.

The game is for families and ages from 6+ and retails in the US at $14.99 which I think it good value for money.

The game comes in a lovely sturdy box with a long playing board with a body and lots of fun facts. Six playing pieces as organs, 2 packs of question and forfeit cards. I thought it was a great idea having the gameplay and rules printed onto the inside of the box with yet more fun facts, so no chance of losing the all important instructions.

The game starts with the player with the cleanest fingernails, and you choose a category. At this point I would like to say make sure that you give the cards a VERY good shuffle as all the forfeit cards are together, so good idea to spread them out on a table and shuffle that way. Players pick questions and move spaces as per the cards. Forfeits are great there are good (Green move forward) and bad (Brown move backwards). Some are facts, some you act out. The Boy (7) loved these, and I think it made up for the fact he lost the first game, as lots of giggles.

Some of the questions and words the boy found difficult to read as lots of medical words but great for the vocabulary! You take it in turns to read questions, but you could play in teams if playing with younger kids.

We loved this game, there is a nice mixture of hard and very easy multiple choice questions, the only problem we had with a couple was some of the American terms, like Boogers…The Boy thought lots were gross, but when a few questions came back round he had remembered the answers. We even got Granny playing this one, and although reluctant at first, thought it was good fun and went on to win.

I think this would be a GREAT christmas after dinner game, and lots of fun to be had!

we give this 5 out of 5! Brilliant…

Thanks to Spin Master, and Izziwizzi Kids…

Temple Run

Temple Run from Spin Master

Review for Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest

Here is our video review

Temple Run is a fast fun game for two, three or four players. The box says from ages 8+ but The Boy is only just 7 and he thinks its great. Anyone with slow reactions might struggle to pick this up, but otherwise its great fun and easy to learn.

The contents included in the box are:

The Talking Idol Timer ( 3xAAA batteries not included, and a screwdriver to open the compartment up)

4 character cards

56 Move cards

Instruction booklet (small and only 2 sides)

There was a lot of packing in the box and once you take this out you have the idol and a small plastic zip lock bag for the cards. The box could be a lot smaller and would be nice and portable if a bit stronger card had been used.

To set up the game you each choose a character card to remind you which runner you are. You set a switch on the Idol timer to how many people are playing, and then deal out the correct number of cards each (12 if playing with 2 or 3 players and 10 if playing a 4 player game)

Next lay your cards face up in front of you. (set these how you like, we put the right on the right etc) The instructions say you can do this how you choose. The remaining cards are face down in the middle and then you decide where the discard pile will be. Make sure you can all reach the idol and press start to begin. The idol will call out a runner followed by a card and you have 3 seconds to discard the correct card. Once you have done this hit the idol for the next player. If you get it wrong or you are not quick enough you need to take an extra card from the pack.You will hear the monkey noise if you are too slow. If the idol says pass you can pass one of your cards to another player, and carry on. If you need to pause the game you just press and hold the idol and he will stop. The winner is the person to get rid of their cards first!

We played this as a family and picked it up really quickly, its great with any number of players, and with two you have to listen and think very fast as you only have 3 seconds to react. The boy said it was ok, but when asked to pack away, kept asking for just one more game. I thought it was good for hand-eye co-ordination, and you could bend the rules for younger players by letting them use one hand for the timer and the other to dispose of the card. I played with Daddy, and it got a little competitive.

I think this would be a great Christmas game, and I am sure we will get it out quite a bit. I might even be tempted to keep it in a bag for when we go out, sometimes we take cards to play while waiting for food in a restaurant, but this would be very portable. At $19.99 (the only place I could find in the UK to purchase was quoting £17.80) I think this is a little expensive and I guess you are paying in part for the TM name. I have never played the App so don’t know how true to it, it is?

This game is great fun and I would give this 4.5 out of 5 The packaging is the only thing that lets it down.

Video review for Tummy Ache…

We were chosen a couple of weeks ago by Izzywizzi Kids Play fest on Facebook to review one of the games from Orchard Toys called Tummy Ache. They were looking for families to review their top six Christmas games.

Our video review can be found HERE

The game came very well packed direct from Orchard toys, so no damage from the delivery which is great for gifts. The game itself is very well made from sturdy card and I would imagine will last as well as all Orchard toy products do.

It says the age range is from 3 -10 we think that it would be more enjoyable for the younger children as The Boy (7) and I could finish a two player game in less than five minutes. We changed the rules slightly that you couldn’t pick up a discarded card to make the game last longer.  We found it more fun when playing with Daddy and will be trying it out on Granny at the weekend. The cards are bright with great graphics, and we made up names for the bugs, The Boy was getting upset as I kept winning which is very unusual for me but he did beat me in the end!

It was quick to learn, and easy to understand, I think it would be great with different ages, and would be fun for a short time but you might get fed up after a few goes.

Tummy Ache retails at £9.50 which we felt was a little expensive for something that was ended so quickly.

Overall we give this game 3 out of 5 and we will be playing it again.


We played this with Granny as promised at the weekend, and she picked it up very quickly. We had great fun and it is a much better game with 4 people. Still finished a game in less than 5 minutes and granny won!