Kids Clothing – Review is a well-known online fashion retailer and have recently added Kids clothing to their range. They asked us to have a look, the boy wanted some new clothes so we thought we would give them a try. I ordered a selection of items from the Boys section which has clothing from ages 5-12 (although I was able to find some sized age 13) I chose some skinny jeans, High top trainers and 4 t-shirts in sizes 11-12 and 13.


The website has plenty of offers, discounts, one day sales and free delivery. I was able to use a code for free next day delivery which was perfect for my impatient boy. The boy is starting to get more conscious of what he wears out of school, and has enjoyed trying out some of the fashions. He particularly likes the cobweb print Tee. This came in handy for the Halloween party at cubs. The boy is not keen on dressing up so felt in the spirit with his spooky top, without feeling left out .

The boy was also impressed with the high top trainers. He said they were very trendy but took a bit of getting used to in the feel. I have been impressed with the selection and the price with Tee’s from £3 to £5. The high top trainers were £8, perfect for a fashion item that he will grow out of before he can wear them out.


The jeans were a good quality the only problem we had was they don’t have an adjustable waist. You could use the online sizing guide (which I didn’t) as a guide to the correct size. I don’t usually shop online so this has been a lesson for me to take note next time. The boy tends to take a smaller sized trouser so there is some growing room in these size 11 jeans. The sizing for the rest of the clothing was good and I like that the website tells you the make up of the fabric so you have an idea of feel before ordering.


Overall the boy is thrilled with his new wardrobe additions. The trainers have seen good use, and the cobweb tee is a firm favourite. have a fun constantly changing range of clothes perfect for my mini fashionista!

Disclaimer we were asked to try out clothing in return for an honest review. The words remain my own and have not been altered.

Halloween 2014

It’s almost time to hang up your Halloween decorations and get dressed up as your favourite ghosts, witches and ghouls. But it’s not all that long ago that Guy Fawkes night was more popular in Britain and not the American style holiday that we now know as Halloween.

I remember penny for the guy contests, where the ultimate prize was to have your guy burnt at the top of the bonfire. I think I might have even made a bit of pocket-money from setting mine out on the street. Robbing my dads wardrobe which was not a good idea, and stuffing the shirts with scrunched up newspaper. The resulting print was everywhere! Bobbing for apples was a favourite, or perhaps a sticky bun hung from a string in the doorway. With hands tied behind your back of course. I remember parties where flower cakes had coins hidden in them, we all dressed up and ate toffee apples, hot chocolate and lots of cake. All this was done in the safety of our own homes, no roaming the street. No scaring old people with our ghoulish masks, or turning up on doorsteps asking for treats!


So fast forward 30 years (and a bit) and what to do with the boy? He wants to be like his friends, going from door to door and threatening the neighbours. How do we get around the problem? Well for the first 3 years he was too small to notice this celebration. Certainly that cake would keep him quiet, content in his world of trains and bricks. Year 4 and we agreed to carve a pineapple. Yes you read right a pineapple! Why carve a vegetable you have no intention of eating, that’s what I say. Setting the pineapple out for all to see!


Year 5 and it’s getting tricky to avoid the dressing up, but fate threw us a lifeline. The boy was ill and spent the night asleep in his bed. Year 6 and he knows all about the chocolate that can be collected from scaring people, and the only thing left to do was leave the country! Year 7 was too foggy to go out, and year 8 well that was something else (read about our trip here).


Now its year 9, with his ever so frightening costume at the ready we head off again. Yes to the land where the tradition of trekking the streets for candy came from, the USA. Yes this Halloween we will be scaring the inhabitants of Walt Disney World Florida dressed as a Ghost buster, perfect for catching your ghoulish parents!

Exbury gardens spooky Halloween train

Today we visited Exbury Gardens in Hampshire, as we had won a competition over on Attachment Mummy’s blog. The main reason for the excitement was the spooky Halloween ghost train. To tell you it was so bad it was good, is my best description.  With bad jokes a plenty, some spooky friends along the way, it was fun way to spend a windy Sunday. I don’t think anyone would be truly scared, unless you are easily offended by terrible jokes.

The boy enjoyed trying go get lost in the trees, and following the spooky tree trail. We found some amazing autumn leaves, which we plan to press. I don’t think we could of had a better day out, finding sticks, leaves and a giant bell. Exbury gardens is free for kids, although there is a charge to ride the train. I think it is somewhere I would love to walk round on a spring day when the Rhododendrons are in flower, as they are famed for the variety that they have at Exbury.

Due to the storm the gardens will be closed on Monday 28th October, but if you get the chance to go and join the spooky Halloween train I would recommend it maybe as a once in a lifetime! The boy wanted to go round again, but it was time to warm up in the café with a cup of hot chocolate.

Thankfully we had a safe trip home, in time to round up our cats and tie everything else down for the night, I just hope my garden is still there in the morning!

I have some more lovely photos to upload when my phone decides to co-operate! and have linked up to Country kids as it was lovely to get out and about.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Trick or Treat bag for Halloween

When I saw this special personalised Trick or Treat bag I thought it would be something fun to give to the boy. This year I am hoping to make it spooky special for him, now that he is old enough to join in the fun.

This spooky bag from Your Design will be just the thing for him to stash all his goodies, it is a nice cotton shopper sized bag with long handles and the glow in the dark print is certainly very bright! The best bit being personalised there is no chance that anyone else will mistake your booty for theirs! The personalised bag costs £6.00, and I think a little pricey, but as a special gift for big Halloween fans this could be used for many years to come and more eco than a plastic version!

We will have to find a new costume, I think the boy enjoyed being a skeleton when we were in Florida two years ago, but back in England it certainly wont be warm enough to walk round in skeleton PJ’s!


Disclaimer we were sent a personalised bag to review and keep the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.