Ravensburger 3D puzzles – Review

Ravensburger 3D puzzles have a great range. Everything from castles to minions, and also light up night edition models like the Chrysler Building.

The Chrysler Building is just one of a new range of Ravensburger 3D puzzles that light up. The puzzle contains 216 pieces, standing 48cm tall when complete RRP £24.99. The boy was very keen to help me complete this puzzle. We chose to use the numbered pieces rather than completing using the patterned side. Starting at the bottom we built the puzzle up using the clear inserts. I will admit this was a little fiddly. You will need some patience to complete this model.

ravensburger 3d puzzle night edition


Once complete and with the addition of 3 AAA batteries, this Ravensburger 3D puzzle lights up in ever-changing colours. The shape is very authentic to the Chrysler building in new York. With lights shining up from the base this model was fun, and great to look at when complete.


The Empire State building is also available as a Ravensburger 3D night-time edition. The puzzle contains 216 pieces, requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) finished height 48.5cm RRP £24.99. The Empire state building was our favourite of these puzzles.

ravensburger 3d puzzle

There was so much detail to look at on the completed model. With 5 different light effects that scroll through. This model is almost as good as the real thing! Fitting some of the flooring and clear pieces again takes some patience, but it is worth it when finished.

Finally we completed the final New York Landmark the Statue of Liberty. This Ravensburger 3D model has 108 pieces, is 37.5cm tall when complete RRP £19.99. The Statue of liberty has great detail and was we were a little disappointed that there were not more pieces. The base of the model is made up from the puzzle pieces.  The statue comes in a few pieces, but it would have been nice to have a few more.

ravensburger puzzles

The models still has some great features and when complete, looks very authentic. The clever way that Ravensburger 3D puzzles fit together allow some complex shapes and a great finish.

We have enjoyed our Ravensburger 3D puzzles, especially the night editions, as these would be perfect on display for any fan of New York City!

Disclaimer, we were sent these puzzles in return for an honest review.

Minions 3D London puzzle from Ravensburger – Review

Ravensburger have some great movie exclusive Minions 3D puzzles, and London’s Big Ben is one we have been asked to review. Available now, this Minions 3D puzzle is RRP £22.99 and recommended for ages 10 – 99.

minions 3d

Like the other Ravensburger 3D puzzles we have tried this Minions puzzle has premium plastic pieces which click together easily to form an amazingly detailed 3D structure. This Big ben style puzzle has the famous clock face as well as our mischievous friends the minions and bright red, white and blue union jack patterns.

minions puzzle

The boy loves these minions 3D puzzles and this one proved no exception. We decided to build this puzzle by picture and apart from the 4 sided clock face (where we had to double check the numbers) we had no problems completing this fun puzzle. The Minions puzzle is made of 3 sections, the first part is a tube shaped tower. This was easy to assemble and with cheeky minions on each side. Next is the four sided clock, which was a little tricky and finally the spire. This proved to be a bit fiddly, but the boy managed to keep his cool and finished the intricate shape with a cute little yellow point.

minion ravensburger

The finished Minions Big Ben is 41cm tall and sits on its union jack base very neatly. We love this bright, fun puzzle and both enjoyed the challenge. I think we both agree that we love Ravensburger 3D puzzles as they add a fun dimension to flat puzzles. These Minions ones have been so much fun, have a look at the globes we reviewed earlier this month. Visit the website for more Minions range of puzzles from Ravensburger. They are great fun and there is sure to be something to inspire even adult puzzle fans.


Disclaimer, we were sent this puzzle to review the words remain ours and have not been altered.

Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower – Review

When we were offered the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower, I was hardly going to say no! Especially as this Ravensburger puzzle is 3D. Since we reviewed the 3D Taj Mahal the boy has been excited at completing a few more jigsaw puzzles which make a nice change from his usual construction toys.
I was excited to see what made the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower different from the other Eiffel Tower puzzles that Ravensburger make. First it was nice to see that this puzzle comes in a box the right size for the content. I hate over-packaged toys, and this smaller box is a much better size. As with all the Ravensburger puzzles the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower is made from the sturdy plastic pieces with their unique folding system.
Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
Each piece locks beautifully together to form the tower starting from the heavy card base up through the two floors to the summit. There are two ways to complete the puzzle.
The hard way: look at the picture and match up the different sides, linking each floor together.
The easier way: Look at the back of each piece and follow the number and arrow system.
The boy loves the number system and as soon as this parcel arrived he wanted to put it together, even though we had visitors at the time. He sat for ages in his PJ’s before I made him go to bed, only to get up bright and early in the morning just so he could finish it.
building Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower is a great puzzle, and was slightly easier to put together than the Taj Mahal, despite its smaller size it still has 216 pieces, and took the boy over an hour to complete using the number linking system. This puzzle has to be a must for all the Disney and puzzle fans, and despite the recommended age of 12+ the boy completed all except the very tricky top-level completely on his own.
finished Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
The finished model is 44cm high, and quite impressive, I love the colours which give a night-time look with added Disney details of Micky & Minnie kissing under the tower. I think this would be a great gift for any Disney fan, and we have enjoyed building it. The Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower from Ravensburger is available online and in shops for RRP £22.99


Disclaimer we were sent the 3D Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Ravensburger 3D Taj Mahal puzzle

I have often looked at the 3D puzzles from Ravensburger and wondered if they would be any good? After all how can you make a puzzle truly 3D?

I now know as we have just finished building the Taj Mahal 3D puzzle and I can say I am very impressed. The 3D Taj Mahal puzzle from Ravensburger is available now for RRP £29.99 and at first this seemed pricey, but after having a very enjoyable afternoon with the boy building this model I can say it is worth every penny.

taj mahal

The 3D Ravensburger puzzle consists of a number of elements which includes 216 puzzle pieces. These are plastic with a good quality print to one side and are numbered on the reverse. Some of the pieces are shaped others are flat and some pieces come with an ingenious hinge system. We started our build with the base piece which is a more traditional toughened card, the towers were fiddly but the boy managed to put these together after a couple of attempts.

Ravensburger have gone to great detail with this 3D puzzle, and all the beautiful features of this iconic building have been reproduced cleverly on each piece of puzzle. there are even gold details to add to the tops of the Taj Mahal, as well as the beautifully shaped dome.

ravensburger 3d puzzle

I started to sort out the puzzle pieces as I would a traditional flat puzzle, the edge pieces were easy to identify and put to one side. There are two ways to complete the puzzle, the tradition picture match style, or turn over and click together in numerical order. I soon realised that the traditional way to match the pieces was going to take some time and opted for the easier number match system.

The boy was keen to join in, and despite the age recommendation of 12+ he found the number match system easy to work out and happily built the Taj Mahal dome with no help from me. I was in charge of the main wall of the building, and was intrigued by the notched and bendable pieces. The pieces clip tightly and easily together and stay put when you start to assemble the building, but this can be a little tricky so care is needed. The Taj Mahal is not a square building, and it was great to see how the walls grew. Have a look at our short time-lapse video to see how we did!

It has been a while since I had the time to put together a jigsaw puzzle, I loved them as a child and used to spend time with the boy when he was small with his wooden puzzles. The boys new-found love of building and creating was brought to life with this puzzle, he insisted on taking it to pieces and building it again, this time completely on his own. It was lovely to see the concentration needed to make the pieces fit in turn and working out the path of numbers. He completed the puzzle in about an hour, and I am sure he will build this 3D model again.

taj mahal puzzle

The finished 3D Taj Mahal is very impressive when finished and is a good size, you could have it out on display as the detail is lovely, and it would make a good model for the boys bedroom.

Have a look at the Ravensburger website for detailed information on all the available puzzles. I now that the boy will defiantly have a couple of these on his Christmas list this year, as he loves the look of the London Bridge model, and I think he will enjoy the Worlds Endangered Animal globe.

Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle for an honest review our opinions have not been altered.