Zombie Aquabot from Hexbug – Review

We were asked to review the Zombie Aquabot from Hexbug, and as Hexbugs have been a favourite toy of the Soup Dragon family since our visit to Florida in 2010, we didn’t say no. Before 2010 I hadn’t heard of Hexbugs, but on discovering these engaging little creatures I think I have been more hooked than the boy!

One of the things I love about Hexbugs, is the science behind the propulsion. This is something that has fascinated the boy for some time and he was keen to see if he could work out how the Zombie Aquabot worked. The Zombie Aquabot is part of the swimming fish range of Hexbugs, with an RRP £7.99 and an age advisory of 3+ due to small parts. The boy and all his friends are into Zombies, so this is a great toy for his age group, and he was excited to see if it “Really glowed”.

zombie aquabot hexbug

We decided that the easiest way to review the Zombie Aquabot was in a bowl of water rather than the bath, the Zombie Aquabot is equally at home in either location. Dropping the Zombie Aquabot into the bowl will make him dive, and he swims efficiently around the bowl. I think he enjoys the space of the bath more as he can swim continuously all the time he is in contact with the water.

The boy soon worked out his propulsion secret as there are two sensors either side of the Zombie Aquabot, the connection being the water. The movement of this little creature is indeed fascinating to watch, but the real test was going to be “Did it glow” A quick charge in the sun, and a rush to the under stairs cupboard proved that the Zombie Aquabot is indeed a glowing deadly Aquabot!

Here is the proof

We love this little pocket-money toy, which currently has earned a place on the boys desk (only the best toys can make it there). The boy has already requested the Nano V2 Hexbugs for Christmas as he wants to see how high they can climb, and I will have to keep my fingers crossed that Santa will see my Christmas list and get me a reindeer Hexbug!

Disclaimer we were sent this product for an honest review.

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    1. Awh that’s cute, ours is now a desk feature, that I’m not allowed to move (or dust)! Might have to think about a bowl for him as the fish tank might be a bit cruel on the other occupants

    1. I think you might be surprised, as I have a bit of a Hexbug collection myself. I know a few seem to sneak in our luggage as we go stateside too!

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