Vileda Extra Power Sponge Scourer

Vileda Extra Power Sponge Scourer is a fast and effective way to whiz through the washing up. We were sent the Extra Power Scourer and I thought I would put it to the ultimate test so I challenged Dad M to use the scourer to clean our tricky roasting pan.

As a family we love our Sunday roast dinners, and after investing in a large oven pan I found it couldn’t go in the dishwasher. Now confession time I hate washing up so anything I can do to avoid or shorten the length of time I have to wash up is a hit with me. Or better still I can get Dad M to test it for me.

The Vileda power scourer comes in a pack of 2, it was very easy to use, and the shape meant it was easy to grip even with wet and soapy hands. The surface of the scourer was rough enough to remove the grease and cooking fat from the bottom of the oven pan without damaging the surface. The scourer also rinsed clean under the tap so that there was no nasty smell from the scourer when we stored it for its next use.

I was impressed with the Vileda Extra Power scourer, as it was defiantly easy to use, Dad M said he found it a lot easier than the cheaper scourer’s I usually buy and have to throw away after one use. This is something I think I would invest in purchasing in the future as this particular pan is one of our most used kitchen items and is always difficult to get clean.


Disclaimer we were sent Vileda extra power scourer’s to try, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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