Triple M Rose food

Triple M Rose food is a great way to feed all the roses in your garden, without harming the environment, even the packaging of this super strength plant food is recyclable (except the 2 staples). Each hessian bag contains enough plant food for 4 weeks, simply suspend the bag in your watering can, leave overnight water your plants and refill. With enough liquid fertiliser for your needs you could produce up to 300ltrs of food for the cost of one little Triple M bag.

rose food

Triple M is available for £4.99 online from Elsie & Fleur, and contains 100% natural ingredients. OK so this one is horse poo! but it doesn’t smell, and a lot less messy than the alternative of putting horse manure around the garden. I have lots of roses in the garden, apparently the previous owner didn’t like them but I still found over 30 so he cant have disliked them that much. My favourite is the one in front of my front door. This is a dark red and very fragrant. I have been feeding my roses for the last week now and you can see all the healthy shoots starting to appear.


It will be interesting to see if by feeding my roses this year that I manage to keep them flowering for longer, or if they are more disease resistant. But I already love this little Rose food tea bag as a very easy way to keep my plants looking their best! There are 3 other plant foods in the range, for tomato’s, flowers and also a general plant feed. If like me you are quite forgetful then this could defiantly be the answer.

Disclaimer we were sent this product to review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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