Treads School Shoes – Review

September and its time for the boy to go back to school. I don’t think he is exactly excited as he has enjoyed the summer holidays, and the break from early morning alarms. Treads made it easy for me to avoid the last minute shopping with their boys school shoes.

Treads school shoes are available online, and are quality British made Leather shoes. The difference with Treads to other brands is that they come with a 12 month indestructible guarantee. Yes they say that they will replace any shoe that doesn’t live up to a whole school year! The boy was ready for the test, and I was just pleased I didn’t have to attempt to shop for shoes.

Treads are available online, and I used the paper guide available online. It was a little fiddly to print and set up. It was easy to understand and find the right size, and easier to measure at home than drag a protesting tweenager around the shoe shops. Treads have a small selection of classic style school shoes and I found it easy to pick a style that was almost identical to the last pair of shoes the boy had. Treads also have a dual fit system, allowing you to remove the hidden insole to increase the width. Or simply to extend the life as your child’s feet grow.

I can probably count the number of school shoes that the boy has made last longer than a year on one hand! I have certainly tried lots of different brands, a failed to be impressed with the offering on the high street. We have been impressed with the fit and quality of the Treads school shoes. We are in week two of school and the shoes are still looking shiny and new. The boy did have a problem with the shoes being new and rubbing a couple of blisters, but has now settled into wearing them in. He says the laces come undone quickly which he dislikes but I think once they have lost the newness they will be fine.

I plan to add a shoe update each month, and hope that the boy will grow out of these shoes before he wears them out. If you want to find out more about Treads and have a look at the range visit the website here. I am intrigued to see how they stand up to the abuse my boy inflicts on his shoes so watch this space…


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