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Timeline is a fact based card game from Asmodee and distributed by Esdevium in the UK, for 2-8 players aged 8+ RRP £12.99 per game.

We were sent two of the range of Timeline card games Science & Discoveries and Historical Facts. Each game comes in a lovely bright tin containing 110 dated fact cards. The game play is very simple each player is dealt 4 cards date side down, and you take turns placing a card where in the timeline where you think it belongs. Reveal the date, get it right and the card stays in the timeline, get it wrong and you discard and pick up another from the game pile.


We have played Timeline as 2,3 and 4 players, and have had great fun finding out some new facts. I thought I would be pretty good at the science cards but there are some surprises when it comes to things like the discovery of the potato. Each game lasts about 15-20 minutes and causes much discussion. There is very little strategy needed to play timeline, and when you think you have learnt all the dates off by heart you can add in another set of cards.

The boy proved that you don’t need to know all the facts, some guesswork is good, and also a little cleaver placing where there are bigger gaps in dates. He found that he had as much chance of winning as an adult, and younger children with a little help could team up and play Timeline. You don’t need to worry about mixing up the packs of cards as the dates are different colours so its easy to separate again. The boy has even enjoyed playing a type of solo snap game and placing the cards in a date order.

timeline history

Timeline is such a quick simple game to learn, with quick play it is great as a holiday game. Timelines tin also means you are not going to lose any of the cards as they are kept safe. I have loved learning some fun facts, that I might never need again. Dad dragon has enjoyed memorizing the dates! and even Bingo granny has enjoyed playing this game as she thought her age meant she would have a good chance of beating us. If you would like to have the chance to win two timeline games to play with your family then enter with my gleam app below.


Timeline are distributed in the UK by Esdevium and are available online with my links above or for store stockists check the store locator here.

Disclaimer we were sent these games in return for an honest review.

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