Super Loop Bands Review

Super Loop Bands are the latest in crafting for kids. I know that everyone, boys and girls in my sons year at school are mad about this easy to learn rubber band craft. We were sent a set of Design & Make Super Loop bands RRP £9.99 from myStyle to try, and find out what this new craft is all about.

super loop bands

The Super Loop Bands box contains instructions and enough bands and connectors to make 5 bracelets. The contents look a little disappointing on first inspection as the box is quite large compared to its contents. The instructions are bright and very clear and easy to follow, and the boy had no problems getting started.

super loop

Simply choose 20-25 bands in the colour pattern you want we chose a the colour combination of blue and purple. Then starting with a connector loop each band in turn to make a very effective and simple chain. Finish by looping back onto the connector and the bracelet is done. The boy found the bands easy to make, without the need of any additional tools.

make a band

Comparing Super Loops to other band crafts we have tried, the boy said he thought there wasn’t much to this kit. If you compare the quality though you can tell that this set is much better quality, I think the bracelets would last better as they have a thicker band and metal connector. The colours are good and look like they would fade less than other bands. Plus you don’t need a complicated loom, and hook so the Super Loom bands can be made on the move in the car with no problem.

The Super Loop Bands kit would make a fab gift for anyone who enjoys crafts, and the boy has enjoyed making these band bracelets for friends and even family. Even Bingo granny has a lucky one for bingo!

Disclaimer we were sent this kit to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


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    1. They are defiantly the latest fad! I was surprised how much my boy enjoyed making them we have lots now!

    1. I think if she isn’t you should get some, they are very easy and fun to make. I think I had almost as much fun as the boy did!

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