Stink Bugz – Review

We were asked to review Stink Bugz from Character, and I should have guessed by the name what these toys were all about. Strangely though I thought these would be little cuddly collectable bugs, so was quite surprised when they turned up.

stink bugs arrive

Stink Bugz do have a strange cute quality about them, that is all the time they remain in their plastic containers! As the name would suggest once removed and squeezed, they have some rotten smells about them. The boy was excited when the Stink Bugz arrived, there was quite a bit of plastic, but the packs were easy to get in. There are four Stink Bugz to collect and they have an RRP £4.99, there is also a parasite pack with four mini bugs which has a RRP of £9.99

sink bugz skunk

Aimed at age 6+ I can see lots of kids adding these smelly little creatures to their Christmas lists, but parents beware! Stink Bugz stink!! The boy is eight and has enjoyed showing everyone how awful these little creatures smell, they went down especially well with his group of friends. Some even enjoyed the action of smelling them. I could manage a couple before the smell was just too much, and as you can tell from Dads face he wasn’t too convinced either. The boy has reviewed gross toys before, but these are certainly something different. He says:

“The Stink Bugz stink! they are ok when you keep them in their pots. My friend squirted one at me and it made me feel sick! I know I don’t like the smell of skunks now!”

smelly stink bugz

Stink Bugz, are something I can see plaguing the homes of many families, and if like us you have a Muck Maggot, then the smell of rotting fish is pretty convincing. Although the parasite pack contains smaller versions of the bugs don’t be fooled into thinking they will smell less, they don’t! Stink Bugz are a perfect gift, just beware what your child may be given in return! Stink Bugz are available now from toy stores and online.

Disclaimer we were asked to give an honest review this product.

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