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StikBot is a great new fun toy from Brainstorm, and have gone down well in the Dragon house, as these endearing little characters can get up to lots of mischief. The boy had fun with these little plastic figures. They have very pose able bodies, and come in a variety of colours. But the fun doesn’t stop there as you can download an app (available free) on iOS and Android to make your very own #StikBot movies.


The app was easy to download, and was simple to get started by making a short video of our little StikBot friends. You would need a tripod or have to hold your tablet or phone very still in order to get a nice smooth film. The app allows you to personalise your short films with green screen techniques, adding graphic’s, music and even recording voices. Each StikBot has a rubber sucker on his hands and feet so he can be posed in many different situations. The StikBot also has elasticated joints making him very pose able, they don’t feel flimsy either so he stays where you put him. The boy had lots of fun playing and posing the StikBots, and with lots of giggles as the StikBots have been doing some fun dance moves means he thinks they are great.


We found that our StikBots worked best on a very shiny surface, like glass or highly polished wood and the plastic lid of a toy box worked best as a dance stage. StikBots start from £9.99 and with the addition of a tripod in the StikBots studio I can see these little characters becoming a must have toy. The boy is now getting to grips with the animation software, and I think will soon be sharing with his friends. You can join in the fun by sharing your creations with the hashtag #StikBots on the social media channels. Why not have a look at the website to see what the StikBots have been getting up to.


Disclaimer we were sent this product for an honest review the words remain our own and have not been altered.

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