Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad NEW Drumond Park game – Review

Shhh don’t wake dad is a brand new family game from Drumond park, and is available now in plenty of time for Christmas. Recommended for ages 5+, 2-4 players this game will be a great hit this Christmas for families all over the country.

The box contains a playing board, 4 coloured playing pieces, a spinner, rules, 16 cards and of course dad in his bed complete with alarm clock.

The game set up is easy with 2 AA batteries to insert into the bed unit (not included), and a couple of coloured stickers to add to the blanket of dads bed. The boy and I then set up the board which was simple to fold out, and with an equal amount of cards dealt to each player the youngest then starts. Dad is then twisted, and faceplanted onto the pillow. The boy thought this was very funny and with the addition of dads snoring when the switch is turned on means this game will be filled with giggles from start to finish.

sssh dont wake dad


The aim of the game is to get to the fridge and the large chocolate cake without waking dad, cards are dealt to each player and placed face up in front of them. Simply take turns to spin the spinner and move to the next coloured square on the board. Each square has a picture and number, if the square you land on has a picture, the same as one of your cards you are safe. If you don’t have that card, then the next step is to press dads alarm clock the same number of times as the number on your square. But remember “Shhh don’t wake dad!” As he will jump up out of bed, catch you sneaking past and send you back to the start. There are some extra rules which help game play, the first is, you get to take the matching game card for the square you are on if you end up waking dad. Secondly that only one player can be on a coloured square at any one time, so you can move further ahead to the next available empty coloured square.

sssh dont wake dad drumond park

If like me you are a naturally jumpy person then when dad jumps up there will much hilarity! As Dad makes me jump out of my skin, yes every time. Shhh don’t wake dad, is such a simple yet fun game that I think it would be difficulty to dislike this game. We certainly had great fun making dad do his faceplants and trying to get past him. It turns out that this game can take some time to play and isn’t over as quickly as you would first think. Of course the boy was the first winner, sneaking as far as the bed and not getting caught. We love the addition of having the squares over dads bed which means that other players can also get caught out. This game is perfectly suited for a family get together and as the rules are easy to learn and understand Shhh don’t wake dad will be fun for younger family members.

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing shhh don’t wake day, and think you will too. If you would like the chance to win shhh don’t wake day in time for your next family get together, then why not enter my giveaway below.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Disclaimer, we were sent this game for review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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