Spy Science Intruder Alarm from Great Gizmos – Review

Great Gizmos have a great range of kits in the Spy Science range, and we were sent the Intruder Alarm to test out. The Spy Science intruder alarm is recommended for kids 8+ with a RRP £11.95.

spy science intruder alarm

The boy was excited about this spy science kit and couldn’t wait to install it on his bedroom door! The Spy Science kit has everything contained in the box apart from 2 AA battery’s and even comes with a cute beware style door hanger.

spy science intruder alarm kit

The boy had very little problem making the Intruder Alarm as the instructions are super easy, with a numbered sequence of pictures and easy to understand instructions. All the electrical connections are made with a clever metal ring and pin system trapping each wire to join them. The boy understands simple electrical circuits and loved working out how the alarm was going to work.

spy science

The Spy Science Intruder Alarm took about 15 minutes to complete including batteries and testing, and the boy ran off to Dad proof his room! The alarm has self adhesive pads to attach to your chosen door so easy to fit. The alarm comes with an on off switch, and a cord long enough to adjust for most gaps. He was thrilled with the alarm, and was pleased to show me how he had installed it on his own. Including how he had worked out how to escape the room through a very small crack in the door, without setting it off!

intruder alarm

He was pleased the cats can get in and out without triggering the alarm but Dad sets it off each time. The boy says this kit is “Awesome”, but wanted me to point out that the pads are not very sticky and after one day of use the unit fell off. There is the option to fit your alarm more permanently with screw holes, but I think some better sticky pads in this set would be a better option. The boy still thinks his intruder alarm would be a great addition to a den and has even been thinking of how he could make it work in his tent in the summer. I think that Spy Science kits make a fab birthday gift and something I know the boys friends would simply love!

For a full range of their fun kids science kits visit Great Gizmos website, of find them on twitter and Facebook.

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