Spiderman ReadyBed – Review

Spiderman ReadyBed from Worlds Apart is a fantastic junior inflatable bed for kids aged 3+, RRP £31.99 but currently available from ToysRus for £24.99.

spiderman readybed

The Spiderman ReadyBed box comes with everything you need, with a clever bag design the whole bed rolls up and includes the foot pump. The boy was excited as he loves camping, and this bed looked perfect for him. Although the boy is at the top of the age range height wise ( up to 150cm) the bed proved very comfy, and perfect for sleep overs or odd nights away in the tent.

spiderman ready bed

We set about inflating the bed which is done by attaching the foot pump to the valve at the pillow end of the bed. I found the valve awkward at first, but once I discovered it has a quick release to allow you to deflate the bed quickly we were ready. The bed inflated slowly, as the pump is quite small but the boy was capable of doing this on his own. You are advised not to inflate the till its hard. Simply inflate till the bed is soft but comfy. The bed doesn’t go down either as we have had ours pumped up for over a week.

The boy was impressed with the Spiderman ReadyBed and was keen to put it through its paces, he says

I like that it has a pillow and I cant fall out of it as it has a zip up the side. I was very comfy and didn’t wake up all night. I could fit my cuddlies in too and we all slept well.

readybed spiderman

I don’t know why we hadn’t come across ReadyBeds before as this will be perfect for the summer garden sleep outs, and certainly a lot more comfy that the boys bed roll. The cover is very easy to remove with simple Velcro fastenings. The Spiderman ReadyBed is all in one piece, and can be washed in a machine at 30 degrees. When you are finished with the ReadyBed simply pull out the clever double valve, and roll the bed back into the in-built bag. The Spiderman ReadyBed is perfect if you have very little space for spare mattresses, don’t have a spare room or your kids love to have friends to stay.

The Spiderman ReadyBed is just one in a range of Junior and toddler beds, with themes from Disney planes, Monsters University, and Minnie mouse. So there is something for everyone, and with a range of adult sized ready beds, I think I might be persuaded to give them a try myself!


Disclaimer, we were sent this product to write an honest review, the words are our own and have not been altered.

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    1. Boys love sleeping on the floor, well at least mine does, so this is perfect. As he isn’t too tall he might get another year out of it, but I wish I had found them before as it would have saved some lumpy nights for me!!

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