Shout! from Drumond Park – Review

Shout! is a fab new team game from Drumond Park for 2 or more players aged 12+ and has an RRP of £29.99. described as the new game of quirky questions we were keen to find out more.

The Shout! box contains: a question stand with built-in score board, and timer (made from pieces that lock together, some assembly is needed) question cards and double or nothing card, scoring pegs and instructions.

Play starts with the youngest player, and a question card is placed in the slot with the picture facing the guessing team or player. The question is asked and the timer starts. The game may be simple so far but as we found out the answers are not always easy to spot! Each card can be worth up to 9 points or double if you use you double or nothing card. But beware as the name suggests if you don’t get all nine you get nothing. The winning team is the first one to score 69, or you could go to 99 if you wanted too.


We did find this game tricky and had a couple of practice questions before we got the idea of what the answers might be. I certainly found some of the cards harder than others, and I think this is a game for older groups. The Shout! board is fun, but we found moving the pegs could be a bit tricky too, and it would have been nice if they were a bigger contrast in colour so you could see the score easier.

shout board game

Shout! is best played as a large group game, and as there was only the three of us it was soon evident that this game was too hard for the boy, so he became scorer and judge! Drumond Park games are great and shout is no exception, although played with just two players it certainly felt a little slow. With more players I think this game would be fast and furious as you all shout! out your answers. This game is defiantly something fun for older adult groups and would be perfect for a Christmas party. The boy who is only just 9 did get a couple of the clues so younger kids could join in with teams of adults and it would certainly be cause for some loud party fun.

If you would like the chance to add Shout! to your games cupboard this Christmas as part of my 12 giveaways of Christmas then why not enter my gleam giveaway below.


day 2

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  2. we always play “what am I?” at Christmas
    everyone writes a thing, place, person etc on a sticky label and sticks it on each other’s foreheads and then the game is guessing what you’ve got on your head – it’s very silly and fun and also ideal for a family of mixed ages as you can always make sure the younger ones get something suitable for their age/knowledge

  3. You cannot beat a pack of cards unless there are loads of you and then you use 2 packs of cards which makes it mad….

  4. we love scrabble and beacuse we all play we had to buy 2 games so we had enough letters and stands for everyone to play

  5. Its been a bit difficult to find a game we can all play as my children have a large age gap, so oldest is at the monopoly/charades stage whilst youngest was still at snap/guess who last year. So the favourite game for the tow of them was a treasure hunt that i’d write myself 🙂 Hopefully this year youngest will be old enough to ‘get’ some of the older board games, might have to buy Go For Broke

  6. Its a card game called Newmarket that we have played ever since I was a child 40 years ago and my mom played it with her parents before me – Penny on the card and Penny in the Kitty. This is the first year that all my kids will play and its a tradition I hope they will carry on – you can keep your board games – hours of hilarity!

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