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Pumpaloons is the latest game we have been sent by Drumond Park. Pumpaloons is a game for two players aged 4+ and has an RRP of £19.99.

When I told the boy that Drumond Park were sending us Pumpaloons to review, I have to say he was not impressed. I think the reply I had was something like “I have seen those on TV and they don’t look very good” Well its been an interesting week since they arrived as the Pumpaloons have now become the boys best friends.


The Pumpaloons box contains two hand/foot pumps with the attachments to blow up the Pumpaloons, and of course the Pumpaloons themselves. The Pumpaloons are about 3ft high inflatable figures with a solid sand filled base and smiley faces! The game itself is simple. You have a race with your friend or in this case Mum/Dad to pump up your figure to full height before you opponent. I did think the boy would find limited appeal with this game, but have been proved wrong, as he has enjoyed finding other games to play with his new Pumpaloon friends.

pumpaloons game

Pumpaloons is a great game to encourage coordination, you can choose to pump with your foot, hand and the boy even tried using his bottom. We have enjoyed looking at how the pump works. There is science involved in how the air is sucked in and blown out of the small pump. Once pumped up there is a paddling pool type valve so you can enjoy using the Pumpaloons like the boy has for other games around the house.

get ready to race


The first new game he devised was an obstacle course with the Pumpaloons being the final task in a string of different ball throwing, water pistol shooting, tasks. Dad M and the boy enjoyed a few races, with trampolining bonus levels! The Pumpaloons have had wrestling matches across the living room floor, races, and are now waiting on the sofa for the return of the boy from school. Yesterday the Pumpaloons became criminals, dressed in the boys clothes were duly arrested before breaking out from maximum security jail.

Pumpaloons race gameI can see there will be lots of summer fun with the Pumpaloons, They will be making a visit to the beach with us for another obstacle race, and as the weather warms up I can see a paddling pool Pumpaloon game idea forming too.

Pumpaloons can be bought from all the main toy stores as well as online retailers, and we think will make a great addition to the outdoor game collection.

If you would like to invent your own fun Pumpaloon game, then why not enter my giveaway below, I would also love to see instagram pictures of you having some outdoor fun with your kids this summer.


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    Disclaimer we were sent Pumpaloons to review and keep, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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    1. Ah its great to see that they changed their minds about the game once they started to play it!


      We love to play in sand and water (if the weather permits!). NOM’s a bit too young yet for games but looking forward to playing them with her when she gets a bit older! x
      Chrissy (@preschoolmum) recently posted…A #Review of the Difrax BtoB Electric breast pumpMy Profile

    2. We still get the squeezy bottles out and fill them with water and have old fashioned water fights!

    3. We will spend a lot of time in the woods, looking for bugs etc! and then when we are at home outside on the trampoline, with me acting as the instructor telling them to do seat drops, star jumps etc!

    4. Lots of pistol fights at dawn (water pistols to the normals out there) and hide n seek in the garden/surrounding forestry.

    5. If we are outside we play swingball, tennis, and they kids have a sports day set so that too, but if bad weather, anything from snakes and ladders, uno to monopoly.

    6. Frisbee, catching and kicking a ball, swimming in paddling pool, trampolining. Indoor activities, jigsaws, colouring, glueing

    7. We live by the beach so we go down there for picnics and to build sandcastles and play ball games such as tiggy with the ball, piggy in the middle. In our garden we play shuttle cock over the washing line and we have a swing ball, which is fab! If it is wet outside, we have a huge collection of Drummond Park games and because I love crafts, I do loads of art things with my children!

    8. lots of outdoor games, just now with good weather water fights, with water ballons and water guns, playing catch, football, my son loves to run so we go running with dog too

    9. They like football and crazy golf in the garden and inside they like a lot of the Orchard Toys games like Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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