Popchips a healthy start to 2014

I have never liked to start the year with resolutions, I think that it is all to easy to set yourself too many unrealistic goals at the start of the year and then end up feeling low when you break them a week later. I also think that as I have a Birthday on the 1st of Jan, before you ask no it’s not the best day to have it! Making resolutions on your Birthday with a mouthful of cake is just wrong.

With the bombardment of adverts and post all geared to either loosing weight or holidays it can be so hard to get back to a healthy way of eating. I find this difficult with the left over Christmas treats, and copious amounts of chocolate still around the house. So when Popchips came into my life at my Bloggers Night in I knew 2014 would be a bit easier. Crisp snacks are a family favourite, but possibly one of the most unhealthy choices, so by replacing them with a healthier alternative like Popchips was a great place to start.

Popchips sent me some healthy food tips, this one in particular made a lot of sense for me and my family.

 Jillian Michael’s top health and wellness tips 

A healthy lifestyle does not mean cutting everything out. people rarely accomplish their goals when they feel they are being restricted. Success can be as simple as developing saavy shopping habits. Start buying better substitutes for your favorite fried snacks – like Popchips instead of other high calorie chemical laden brands or drink flavored sparkling water instead of pop, these simple changes will make a big difference.


Here is another great tip, as someone who hates the thought of going to the gym, walking to the local shop and back, each time I need a pint of milk could make a big difference.

It’s not just about the cardio training, many people believe if they run for an hour they are shedding the pounds, the reality is your body gets used to this type of activity. This new year have more fun with your fitness, instead of working out in a gym, get outside and mix it up during the week, go for an outdoor walk, run or bike ride, or take your friends with you to the gym and try a new  class.

Popchips are a great snack to keep you going through the january blues without eliminating the things you love altogether, without having to sacrifice on taste, and because they are less than half the fat of fried crisps, and only 100 calories a bag, Popchips are a delicious way to enjoy snacking completely guilt free!

Popchips can be bought from all the major supermarkets, and I noticed that they are also on offer currently in Sainsbury’s. So how about starting off 2014 with the chance to win a month supply of Popchips? (24 bags to be exact) simply fill in the rafflecopter below for your chance.

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Disclaimer: I was given Popchips to try the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

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  1. havent managed to find any in the shops yet and i have looked but i would like to try Sour Cream & Onion, 🙂

  2. I have not tried Popchips before ,but in other types of potato snack sour cream and onion or Thai sweet chilli are my favourites,so either of these would be great to try

  3. I love the Barbeque flavour Popchips, they’ve just started selling them in my local healthfood shop. It’d be great to win a whole box of them though 🙂

    1. Do you know they really are very nice, I have surprised myself as I do like a crisp and find baked are not the same. these are yummy especially the pepper ones!

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