My Personal Planner for 2014

Today I need to get organised and start planning for the rest of 2014. With the big holiday in October, and what will hopefully be a great summer I certainly could do with some help. This is where steps in! Personal planner as the name suggests offer a very personal and unique way to get organised. With a great range of planners, notebooks and now wall planners that you can make totally unique by customizing via the very easy to use website.

Personal planners were born from an idea in 2006 when wife Paula discovered “There’s only boring planners out there!” finding a need for something that can be changed to exactly the needs of the individual, Anders set about finding a solution.

I have loved every second of my experience with this website, none of the usual frustrations, and the ease of use means I think just about anyone can create something beautiful. The steps are simple:

Step 1: Choose a product, with personal planners, notebooks, wall planners and accessories.

Step 2: Choose your size, planners come in small, medium, large and A5. (I chose a large as I liked the landscape shape)

Step 3: Get creative!

An art board opens up with easy to understand graphic’s change the text, colours, fonts, patterns, and images, or use the design templates already made for you. It really was very easy to use, and I spent a long time viewing all the options in real-time on the screen,with literally hundreds of different combinations, there was so much choice.

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By clicking the simple forward back arrows you can design the cover, as well as internal pages. Stick with the design templates, or fill the planner with all your favourite patterns and colours. You can alter dates and how they are viewed with the nice addition of all you personal dates. I love the fact that you can also start on any month of the year, again a simple tick box and preview, making this a perfect birthday gift. Choose up to four modules across the bottom of each two page week, these include graphs notes and even exam reminders. Finally finish off the back pages with overviews of the coming year, or note pages and lastly the owners information, you wouldn’t want this planner getting lost!

Each planner comes beautifully spiral bound with a coloured elastic to keep it neat, an easy clip in ruler, and a neat plastic clear compartment to keep loose notes. I can honestly say that as a graphic designer,every part of the design process was a pleasure. Even the responding e-mails once you have placed your order, and telling you when the planner will arrive have all been effortless.

If you are stuck for gift ideas, then you can order a gift certificate easily redeemable on the website, so your friend or family member can enjoy the experience of making their very own planner.

My enthusiasm for the Personal planner may be a little over the top for some, but just sometimes a product or company take you by surprise. I can be the most critical person and sometimes things just don’t live up to my expectations. This time it is not the case, and I am looking forward to getting organised not just with my blog, but the all important holiday!

If you would like the chance to win your own planner or notebook, then please enter my giveaway below.

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Disclaimer, I was sent a gift voucher to design my own personal planner the opinions remain mine and have not been altered.

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  1. Looking to launch my own business which I’m quite nervous about but also would make a Personal Planner very helpful!

  2. I have another holiday planned, for April 🙂 (Oh, and a big ish birthday in August 🙁 ) But to be honest this year, I’m going to be trying to take every day as it comes.

  3. Nothing much planned for this year – going to be unexciting unless the unexpected occurs! No wedding/babies due, holidays booked yet! MMMmmmm just remembered it is the world cup in June though!

  4. 2014 is the year my OH and I will be free of debt! I have been planning this a while lol. It has taken 10 years of back breaking work and sacrifice but it will be worth it. Divorced men come with LOTS of baggage..not just emotionally!

  5. A holiday with hubby last year was full of health issues so hopefully they are all sorted now so we can have nice relaxing holiday later in the year. Before then lots of volunteer work and visits to historic sites.


  7. I have lots of plans for 2014, I love to plan! I’m very excited about a family holiday to France in the May half term.

  8. We’re moving into our very first house next month then we have our first family holiday in September. It’s going to be a great year 🙂

  9. We have been talking about this and decided we really must make some plans for the year, as we don’t have any yet! Making the most of family time is high up there followed by tentative ideas to build an extension and a garden studio for my business.

  10. The main things i can think of are organising my little girls 3rd birthday, Planning a little trip to cornwall, getting her ready to start pre-school.

  11. A few big things this year. My sister wedding in April, my mother 60th in June and my sons first birthday in October

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