OG on the Bog – Review

OG on the BOG, is a fun new game from Drumond Park, for 2-4 players aged 5+ RRP £22.99. Something for the family to enjoy this Christmas.

Don’t be put off by the title of this game, as it will be enjoyed by young and old, and even had the boy giggling. The box comes with OG in his Bog, there is a small amount assembly needed as you add the handle to the Bog door. There are 12 loo rolls a tree stump spinner card, and instructions. You will also need to install 3 AA batteries (not included).

og on the bog

The game play for OG on the BOG is straight forward and fast to learn. Start by assembling OG in his bog and turn the switch to on. You will hear OG snoring and sounds of the forest. load 6 of the loo rolls onto the pole by the bog door. Then starting with the youngest player take it in turns to spin the spinner. A red cross means end of your go. Hand holding loo roll means steal from another player. A green tick means its time to sneak up on OG!

og on the bog game

Sneak up to OG, and press the step outside, if he has heard you he will say something and your go is over. Hear grunts and even farts and its time to steal one of the loo rolls from outside the door. As carefully as you can remove one of the toilet rolls from the pole outside OG’s Bog. But beware if the toilet explodes you will lose two of your collected toilet rolls. The winner of OG on the Bog is the first person to collect 4 rolls ( with 2 or 3 players) or 3 rolls (with 4 players).

drumond park game

I thought the boy might be a little old for this game, but it turns out that farting, toilet humour and monsters is ageless for boys! We spent a fun hour playing with OG on the Bog, and Dad especially enjoyed winning, and making the bog explode. This is a fun game, that I can see the boy enjoying playing with his mates as it would certainly cause some giggles. For younger players OG on the Bog will be good for learning patience, and hand control as they sneak the loo rolls off the pole. The noises coming from Og on the Bog certainly made us all chuckle.

OG on the bog is already getting nominated as one of the top games for this Christmas, and I can see it being very popular with everyone after a big Christmas dinner. Available now in all toy stores, or via my Amazon affiliate link below.

If you would like the chance to win OG on the BOG to play with your family in time for Christmas, then enter with the Gleam app below.

OG on the BOG

Disclaimer we were sent this game to review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. A bit ghoulish maybe, but we had a copy of the Jaws game, you had to pick objects (skull, bones, wagon wheel (?!) etc out of the plastic sharks mouth with a plastic gaff, before the jaws clamped shut. Always remember being disappointed the teeth weren’t sharper…………………… 😉

  2. What was your favourite childhood Christmas board game? . . . . . . Scrabble – and it’s still my favourte game

  3. Being somewhat older there were hardly any games when i was young.This was way before iPads,laptops,pc’s,mobile phones,I know it was a long time ago,anyway i remember getting a games compendium which had ludo,snakes and ladders,tiddlywinks and there were others but I can’t remember what they were.So as you can imagine,they weren’t the most exciting but at the time we were quite happy as there weren’t any other games x

  4. We never really did games on Christmas day (except for ones we just got). But I always liked Clue, Uno, and Life.

  5. Mine was always monopoly and when my niece came over at the weekend she walked in and said hello auntie alison can we play monopoly today – it made my day.

  6. We always enjoy playing Sorry! It is one of those board games that never dates and the whole family can enjoy playing it.

  7. Over 60 years ago I only had Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. They have survived me and my children and are now being enjoyed by my grandchildren 🙂

  8. I think it was called ‘Escalado’ – it was a horse racing game where someone turned a handle and the metal horses ‘ran’ along a green race track. Great fun!!

    ps. OG on the bog sounds just what kids will absolutely love!!! xx

  9. I was lucky enough to get a Buckaroo one year from Father Christmas I loved that game and had many many fun times playing it with my brother and friends

  10. We always played trivial pursuit, until consoles were mainstream, then we played who wants to be a millionaire!

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