The All New Catch Phrase Board Game

The All New Catch Phrase Board Game from Drumond Park is a game based on the increasingly popular TV show hosted by Stephen Mulhern. You will find all your favourite parts of the show transferred into this fun board game. Recommended for ages 8+, 2-4 players with one player being the game host, and costing RRP £19.99.

We first reviewed this game just before Christmas last year, and have had fun playing, what is a great family game. We discovered that Bingo Granny is very good at this game, and the boy struggled a bit. We decided to team up for a few games to give him a chance. Playing more recently the boy has improved, as he becomes more confident in how the game works. He has enjoyed playing the Catch Phrase board game and as we already had a copy, we decided to pass on the spare one to the hospital where we recently spent the night.

catchphrase from drumond park

The All New Catch Phrase Board game box contains:

  • 96 Double sided regular catch phrase cards
  • 15 Double sided bonus cards
  • 48 Single sided super cards
  • Mr Chips
  • Bonus catch phrase picture frame
  • 9 Window covers
  • Frame clip
  • Sand timer
  • Red filter
  • 60 Asst bank notes

The game starts with one person being decided as host and it is their job to set up each of the rounds award the winners their money and keep the time.

Round 1: Individual Round

In this round each player takes a turn to solve as one individual catch phrase within the length of the timer. If they don’t manage it within the time, then it will be opened up to the other players to try to steal and the fastest answer wins. The correct guess is awarded with £100. The host then reveals one window from the bonus catch phrase (in number order 1-9) and everyone gets one guess. play continues on this round until all 9 windows have been revealed or the correct answer is guessed. The winner receiving £300 to add to their kitty.

Round 2: Rapid Fire Round

This round is played in a similar way to round one, except each of the catch phrases is open for all contestants to answer. You can have as many guesses as you like with a total of 5 catch phrases to be guessed. The correct guess will win £200.

Round 3: Super Catch Phrase Round

For this round the Super Catch phrase cards come into play, with the host setting out 6 cards face down on the super catch phrase board. Starting from the bottom players all have the chance to call out the answers as each catch phrase is revealed. The bottom row wins £300, next row £400 finally with the top row worth £500. The host can check the answers on the bottom of the card with the special red filter.

The winner:

Once you have had the first round a new host takes over, and when everyone has had a go at hosting the winner will be the person with the most money.

can you guess the catchphrase

We still love this game, although as you work your way through the cards the boy has started to memorize some of the answers. The boy also enjoys being the host, and this is done in an enthusiastic style as his current favourite tv channel is challenge! I would like to see a top up set of cards available for this game, and also our My chips who is made from cardboard has started to look a little tatty. This is still a fun family game and if you would like the chance to win a copy then why not enter my giveaway below.

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Disclaimer, we were sent this game to review and keep, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. Catch Phrase because everyone can jump in and try and answer or guess with something really crazy.

  2. We all love catch Phrase because it makes us laugh and we all like to shout out our guesses! The celebrity catch phrase a few weeks ago with David Walliams was hilarious!

  3. Catchphrase, i think everyone is addicted to it – even our 7 yr old. He always jumps up and down and does a mexican wave when he gets it right.

  4. I cant remember what its called now, but it was presented by Des O’Conner and you wasn’t allowed to answer yes or no! I was totally rubbish at it but it’s great fun to play! I love Catchphrase too – Stephen Mulhern is a great host & I love Chip! 🙂
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  5. We are all enjoying catchphrase at the moment now its on my daughter loves trying to guess them and we all have a go as well.

  6. Every game show has its good points but personally i’d say catchphrase…but thats only cos i have a shot of getting the answers right. lol

  7. We love Catchphrase because we can all shout out our daft guesses. Great fir all ages.

  8. I love Catchphrase because it’s a lot of fun to play along. But I think my favourite would have to be Family Fortunes, where else can you get such cracking answers to such strange questions:

    Q – Something that makes you scream?
    A – A squirrel

  9. We play Articulate which is fun, the Logo Game too…would love to play Catchphrase too 🙂

  10. We love Payday. Theres nothing worse than a board game that drags on for hours but we find Payday fast moving and constantly changing not to mention its a lot of fun.

    1. I am going to have to look this game up, as it sounds something my son might quite enjoy. Thanks

  11. We love Big Star’s Little Star, it’s so funny and we all get to have a laugh together!

  12. catchphrase and family fortunes ,we all love trying to get the right/best answer first,winner gets a prize ie sweet/biscuit!!

  13. Believe it or not Catchphrase, my 4 year old loves Stephen Mulhern, he calls it ‘Catch Race’ & will also watch Big Star’s little star, the only normal shows he likes!

  14. We like catchphrase because the children try and see who can get the most answers but we also like tipping point

  15. We love watching Family Fortunes , although some of the answers are a bit random! I used to love the old Catchphrase too with Roy Walker (showing my age) ha x

  16. We love catchphrase, my kids love trying to guess the sayings and they like Mr Chips too

  17. Right now its the amazing greys but when I was younger it was the generation game and noels house party

  18. we love The Chase because Bradley walsh makes us laugh and the questions are great to try and answer

  19. used to love supermarket sweep with dale winton and blankety blank (showing my age now!!!)

  20. Catchphrase was definitely the best show to watch with the family growing up and it still is today! Although we also love Family Fortunes and Pointless 🙂

  21. We all love watching old ‘Play Your Cards Right’ on Challenge, such a fun programme to all shout ‘HIGHER, LOWER or STICK’ to see who is right.

  22. Pointless – We all like trying to out do each other, apart from my younger daughter who still thinks its to get the most points.

  23. Catchphrase, we usually have our own teams and it gets very competetive with a few bizarre answers 🙂

  24. catch Phrase i was brought up watching it as a family now we do the same with our children 🙂

  25. catchphrase as it’s a show that all the family can enjoy and participate with, even my 4 year old son x

  26. catchphrase cause the kids get to join in too, the old versions way better than the newer one though.

  27. we love catchphrase because even the little ones can join in and they are so proud when they get one right x

  28. we love eggheads because we have no idea whjat the answers are but love it and yelp when we get that one in every hundred right!!

  29. We love Total Wipeout in our house.. we have such a laugh watching them tackle the obstacle course and we would all love a go ourselves 🙂

  30. It is catchphrase, it was mine as a kid, and I got the kids watching the old ones on tv before it was remade! I also applied for it but didnt get on :(, The missus and daughter are 1 team and me and my lad the other! Great fun

  31. That’s a toughie, we have a lot. Cathchphrase, pointless and the crystal maze get everyone shouting at the screen!

  32. All the games with easy questions so everyone can join in! Catchphrase and Family Fortunes are favourites in our house

  33. Catchphrase at the moment, my daughter is obsessed with it, and better then me and her mother too.

  34. Oh we all loved Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Always fun to see how much we could have won if we were on the show 🙂

  35. Used to love 321 with dusty bin but catchphrase is great everyone shouting out. Brilliant 🙂

  36. Play your cards right with Bruce Forsyth was always a favourite, I remember the days shouting at the TV with my parents and brothers HIGHER, HIGHER!! lol… The husband and I now watch it as repeats with our two girls and have the same amount of fun shouting at the TV 🙂

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