Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner

Mr Muscle Touch-Up cleaner is the latest and newest cleaner from Mr Muscle, and I was quite excited that I was going to be sent a bottle of the Kitchen cleaner to test. Yes I know that is quite sad, but I do like to find new ways to keep my kitchen clean and free from germs.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this cleaner or find it useful when I first saw it as I already use Mr Muscle multi purpose spray and am quite happy to have that under the sink to whiz out when needed. I have to say I am completely converted though as this is such an easy new way to keep my worktops clean and makes like in the kitchen much easier for me.Mr Muscle Touch-Up cleaner has a great citrus Orange smell which I love, and the bottle is just genius, I can leave it out on the windowsill, it is unobtrusive while remaining perfectly at hand. I love the fact it kills germs as a mum this is a huge priority in the cleaners that I use.

Mr Muscle Touch-Up cleaners are available for kitchen and bathroom for £2.99 and I think this is a bit pricey, which is why when I saw them half price this week in Tesco I stocked up.

Disclaimer I was sent Mr Muscle Touch-Up cleaner as part of a campaign with Mums net to test and review this product. The opinions are mine and have not been changed.

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