Monsters University Jelly

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids have teamed up with Disney Pixar’s Monsters University to make lunchtime fun with the New Monster Jellies.
We were sent some of these new jellies to try, they come in two monstrous flavours Sulley’s Blue blackcurrant flavour and Mike’s green apple flavour. They are made for lunch boxes and have a very handy spoon tucked under the lid. Each portion of the jelly is one of your kids five a day so I didn’t feel guilty letting the boy have one in his lunch and he though he was having a special treat.

The boy was excited to have something different in his lunch box and said that he really enjoyed them. I think the colours are not as bright as expected, but that means they don’t have any nasty’s. You can buy Monsters University jelly pots in the supermarket now RRP 59p each. with the assurance of the Crosse & Blackwell name that there are no added sugars and no artificial preservatives I think I will look out for them on my next shopping trip.


Disclaimer we were sent Monsters University jellies to try, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered

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