McCain Home Chips

Chips, Chips and more Chips.
We do like chips in this house, possibly more than we should. But with so many after school clubs sometimes it just so much easier to pop them in the oven and get the housework done. So when McCain asked if we would like a bag of their home chips, how could I say no?

McCain chips are the nations favorite, and our chip of choice. I like them as they are a nice tasting chip and cook well. So we decided when our chips arrived to have them as part of quick Monday dinner.
I quite often cook a roast at the weekend and this forms the base of cubs night dinner. This week was going to be chicken and special cheesy chips, sprinkled with our favorite Nandos piri piri chip salt.

And very nice they were too!

We were sent a bag of chips by McCain to eat, but the opinions remain ours!

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