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Mask ‘n’ Ask is a fun family game from Drumond Park for 2-4 players aged 7+ RRP Β£16.99. From the minute you open the box you realise that this is going to be a fun, giggly type of family game. With glasses for each player to slot their new identity into, this 20 questions style game made us all smile.

The idea of the game is to work out who or what you are, by asking questions like “Do I wear a hat?” “Do I have spots?” there are 60 different masks to choose from with animals and profession’s. A box contains a board with questions, spinner, answer sheet, yes/no tokens, four playing pieces, four pairs of glassesΒ and rule sheet. Spin the spinner and ask the question printed on the board. No need to worry about forgetting who answered yes or no as you have counters to keep track. There is even a crib sheet in case you are not sure of how to answer.

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This game is great fun and we have enjoyed playing it, it gets the boy thinking about how to answer, and is a game that even Granny can’t say she doesn’t know how to play. The concept might be easy but there are hours of fun, and with the 60 different masks there is little repetition. You don’t even need to sit round the table which is great for Christmas as you can all get involved whatever size space you have!

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Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this board game to review the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.

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  1. Not quite an animal but I always wanted to be a mermaid however sleeping all day like a cat sounds quite appealing.

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