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Make ‘N’ Break is a fun family game from Ravensburger,  suitable for 2-4 players ages 8+ and RRP £19.99.

This is the perfect game for players of all ages to play together, and the boy was soon showing us all how this game should be played. The rules are super simple which means that game play is quick to learn, so great for guests over the holidays. Simply throw the number dice to see how many minutes you have on the timer. Set the timer, shuffle the cards and begin. Each of the cards has a picture of how to arrange the 12 different coloured blocks. It is your job to copy the picture as quickly as you can before moving onto the next one.

make n break

There are two types of card, some have outlines, these you can use any coloured block for. The second card is coloured and has to be copied exactly, but be careful as there are some light and dark blocks of the same colour. Once the timer is up count up your points and pass onto the next player. Score each of your goes from the numbers printed on the cards, and the highest score after 5 goes wins. You can if you want, vary the rounds as the red numbered cards are slightly easier than the blue, but we found it was speed that counted in the end.

make n break game

Make ‘N’ Break is a great fun, fast game that needs little or no set up, and apart from a steady hand and a good table you need very little space for this game. We have enjoyed playing Make ‘N’ Break and introduced it to Granny last week who found it very frustrating! I love this game, everything from the simple rules, easy game play and multigenerational gameplay. I did beat the boy a few times, but he is now very fast and with a lucky roll can beat most of us.

playing make n break

I have recommended Make ‘N’ Break to friends who have a mixture of different age children in the house as this is not a game that will cause too many arguments, and unless you are colour blind everyone can play. I know Make ‘N’ Break is suggested for 8+ but the boy has been making new rules and even playing solo challenges, something younger children may enjoy.

This is the first Ravensburger game that we have owned, and like the puzzles this game is well made, cleverly thought out, and even the storage box feels good quality. I think we will be looking at some of the other Ravensburger games for friends over the holidays, and I know already that a few have made it onto my wish list.

Disclaimer we were sent a copy of Make ‘N’ break for review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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    1. We love it, and think its one of the best we have found this year, so simple and fun. Maybe one for your Christmas list next year?

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