Looking for IWOOT stocking fillers

I have started to look for some stocking fillers, and this year I think will be the last year where the boy thinks Santa is real. I think he suspects there is some funny business going on but like most kids he doesn’t want to admit he knows, just in case he doesn’t get a stocking.

Anyway on my hunt for fun and interesting websites I came across IWOOT! This website is quite unique in that it sells things you don’t see in everyday shops, with toys and Christmas gifts from as little as £2.99 there are plenty of unusual stocking fillers or even secret Santa gifts to find. I was offered some pen drumsticks to review and at £4.99 these will make a great kids gift and stocking filler for my budding musician! Made from managed forest wood my little Eco Warrior will be very happy and hopefully this will inspire him to start writing stories again.

Why not have a look at their website and see if you can find that unique gift for the difficult to please person in your life. I confess to having a soft spot for the teddy light! It makes me smile each time I see it, and I am sure you will leave the site saying

“I want one of those!”

Disclosure I was sent these pens for review the opinion remains my own and has not been altered

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    1. I think girls are a little bit better at carrying the story, I was told by a boy the other day “he’s not real you know” I just replied then why do I have his mobile number? the look on his face was a picture!

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