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LOGO what am I? is an award winning game from Drumond Park and was our family choice for Christmas 2012. We love playing board games which is a big part of Christmas for us as a family. I spent a lot of time choosing a game that would be suitable for everyone, and Drumond park have some great choices.

LOGO what am I? is a game for ages 8+ and is best played with three or more players as there are always at least two winners. The game comes with a board, playing pieces, a timer, numbered dice, pad, pencil and a box of question cards.

The idea of the game is to describe, draw or guess the brand or words the cards describe, depending on which square on the board you land on.

For the Draw It! section, you have to draw the item on your card, while the other players guess what you are drawing.  Sometimes only a few strokes will do the trick (a quick triangle may be quite enough for someone to shout “Toblerone”, for instance).

In the Describe It! section, the timer gives you sixty seconds to describe three products or brands which your opponents have to identify.

And for the Guess It! Section, the other players have to guess the picture or logo you have on your card – but in answer to their questions, the only answers you can give are “Yes, No or Maybe”.

It is a fast game as you only have one minute to help the other players to work out the answers. You move when a players guesses the answers, and both of you move forward by rolling the dice. The winners are: the player who reaches the middle first and the player who guesses correctly with you to help you win!

I will confess that last Christmas the boy found this game a little bit difficult as there are a very good mixture of brands, and while he could immediately understand the pictures some of the words proved a little more tricky. The boy loves brands, and logos and is always pleased with himself when he finds one he recognises. This year he has beaten us twice already as his reading skills are much better, and he has discovered a bit of a talent for describing things!

We have enjoyed playing this game, and it is great for a mixture of different ages, as there are older brands from my childhood as well as the ones the boy recognises. A typical game with three of us playing takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The RRP is £24.99 and I think this is about right for this type of well made game, which is playable for many years. I purchased mine with my double up vouchers from my supermarket shopping, and went back to get another one for a gift for family friends. LOGO what am I? is available in lots of shops and supermarkets as well as online.

For your chance to win you own game in time for Christmas simply fill out the rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed!

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Disclaimer we have been given a board game to giveaway, the opinions remain mine and have not been changed.





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  1. Whoonu by Cranium games. It is extremely simple to play but it always has us in stitches. Even my 2 teenage children!!!

  2. Our favourite game is Build A Beetle, all ages can play from great grandma (80) to granddaughter (aged 4) so it’s a perfect family game.

  3. Trivial Pursuit, but it’s adults only at the minute as there is usually a lot of swearing when someone gets a question wrong, lol.

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