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Logo Lite from Drumond Park is a great new standalone game which can also be used as a top up pack for the popular Logo Board Game. Suitable for ages 12+ and for 2-4 players, RRP £19.99 Logo Lite is a neat and portable family game.

The Logo Lite box contains 264 Logo cards in a plastic holder, 4 pieces to make up the playing circle, 24 coloured counters, spinner and rules. Set up is quick and simple, as you slot the four coloured disc holders together to for a ring, the spinner then sits inside. shuffle your question cards and you are ready to play.

logo lite

The Logo series of board games have been something we have enjoyed playing as a family and Logo Lite is no exception. Like the Logo Board game the questions fall into 3 categories, picture cards pot luck, and theme cards. Play is simple the youngest player starts and the person to their left becomes the first question master. A card is chosen from the front of the box and each question is asked to the first player. Answer correctly and you can spin the spinner and collect the corresponding coloured counter to add to your coloured holder. Get it wrong and the question is passed to the next player until either someone answers or you run out of players. (2 player games don’t pass the question on)

The Logo Lite winner is the first one to get one of each coloured counter on their section of the coloured holder. This may take a while, as you wait for the spinner to land on the right coloured segment! Logo Lite has proved to be a fun game and one that the boy enjoys. Some of the question cards have subjects he doesn’t recognise, so to even out the play of the game we give him 5 opportunities to pass on a card that he knows nothing about. We still found enough topics that he did recognize with a nice mix of questions including subjects on toys, cars and food.

logo lite from drumond park

The boy loves to spend time being question master so we have found after playing a proper game he enjoys quizzing us on the topics to see how much we know or can remember. We think Logo Lite is a great edition of the Logo series of board games and will be popular this year, especially as there is no board to set up, and it could be played almost anywhere. I love the addition of the question box to keep the cards neat and it is much easier to see the front and back of the cards. If you fancy treating your family to Logo Lite this Christmas then have a look at my affiliate link below. Logo lite is also available from all good toy shops, or why not have a go and enter my competition below.

The lovely people at Drumond Park have been kind enough to give me two copies of Logo Lite for you to win, which would be a great way to start 2016. If you would like the chance to win Logo Lite then simply use the Gleam app, and don’t forget to leave a comment, good luck!

Logo Lite

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  1. Trivial Pursuit always makes a come back at Christmas – I have one very competitive teenager in the family who must win at all costs!!!

  2. I love playing the original Logo Game. I tend to win, but that’s only because I play it so much, I know most of the products 😉
    Super giveaway, thank you so much!! x

  3. Love to play Twister, there is never any winner, as with all the laughing we generally give up after we have tried several times.

  4. if its trivial pursuit with the adults then its anybodys game.
    if im playing with my kids my son always wants to win

  5. Monopoly… although I’m quite competitive and it normally ends up going on until the early hours of the morning!!!

  6. scrabble, monopoly, charades are always popular in our house! We usually let 17YO win as he is a very sore loser!!

  7. With my immediate family, we usually play Risk. My older brother is a brutal conqueror who almost always wins.

  8. This year my Daughter got Mouse Trap and have played that a few times, my Daughter seems to be the winner most of the time! We also play Game of Life lots.

  9. I love playing games from cards, dominoes, monopoly, articulate, & hubby always wins but were not bothered x

  10. havent played a board game at xmas for a longtime,love scrabble though.we just play with the kids toys haha

  11. As a family we always play cards, my husband always win because he cheats as yet we have still to work out how he does it lol

  12. We loved playing Pie Face this Christmas, it was great fun. But we always play monopoly and its always a close game, there is no common winner amongst us!

  13. We got Bananagrams this year, which my 2 sons (ages 8 and 6) both seem to really enjoy. They need a little help, so we play in teams with an adult on each team too, but it really helps them with their spelling too. My Mum always wins though because she does crosswords!

  14. Monopoly. .I hate it.. and they always blooming cheat. Eldest son age 15 is the most competitive and knows the best way to cheat is to be the banker so always wins.. crafty monkey

  15. My son loves guess who and has started to get really good at it now and often wins 🙂 he is very lucky when it comes to board games, it reminds me of the time he beat me at jenga (he’s 4!) He wasn’t really watching, fidgeting, dancing and all sorts, yet still won!

  16. Monopoly and my husband always seems to win, he is also the banker so not sure that has something to do with it or not!

  17. We love playing Monopoly and my husband always wins (cheats a little which makes us all tease him), it’s such fun.

  18. Me and my family play Monopoly as we are very competitive and other games on either the PS4 or Xbox, such as Star Wars, Just Dance, Karaoke and Animal Crossing Festival. We also love playing card games. Although, it is always someone different who wins!

  19. We used to love playing Pictionary at Christmas and the first year my then boyfriend (now my husband!) joined us we absolutely smashed it!!! I knew then he was a keeper ;)…

  20. We have an old fashioned snakes and ladders game that tends to come out a little more than others as it is a game of luck so all ages can play on an equal footing. Board games are a great way for families to enjoy time together.

  21. We play Logo Billionaire which is a great game so to win Logo lite it would be fab for holiday’s in our touring caravan.

  22. Twenty Questions is my favourite board game and I usually win. I am so competitive. My parents never let me win. I had to earn it and my children and now grandchildren are the same.

  23. My daughter loves Uno and played it all Christmas. Shes very good at it and usually wins despite only being 5!

  24. I was bought the Logo Game for Christmas so that’s what we played and I think it’ll be a Christmas game from now on 🙂

  25. Game of Life or Frustration. Pretty much everyone wins at some point, it’s just the luck of what numbers you roll really.

  26. Monopoly. My brother usually wins but this year because we all have little kiddies we did Monopoly Jr and let them win 🙂

  27. This year we played Tipping Point and Monopoly and I won them both – I’m very competitive at board games 🙂

  28. We love scrabble and monopoly but this year we played scrabble dash and it was brilliant – I was good at winning that one.

  29. We brought our daughter Barbeque Party Time for Christmas which we love playing as a family and I am quite good at 🙂

  30. we love to play twister we are a family of 6 so is always great fun and we always get in a right tangle! Dad usually wins x

  31. We love playing any type of games really! Our youngest adores Elefun and Pop Up Pirate, whilst our older daughter loves Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life and that type of game. Us adults prefer playing things like Dead of Winter! It is usually my husband who wins everything we play!

  32. We play a lot of board games together rumikub being a favourite and my son loves to. Win although he doesn’t always

  33. Charades – No-one really wins in our house, we’re all too busy laughng at each others terrible attempts! ha ha ha xx

  34. We play a different game every Christmas! Giles, my youngest brother, tends to win as he’s cleverer than the rest of us! We played an amazing board game this year called Telestrations! It was SO funny! Haven’t laughed so much in a long time! x

  35. I didn’t get to play any games this year but we still had a lovely christmas, would love to win this games for my family to play next christmas 🙂

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