Logo Grab – Review

Logo Grab is a great fun and very portable new game from Drumond Park, for 2-4 players aged 8+ RRP £14.99.

The Logo Grab box contains: 8 dice with letter, two of which have a bell inside. 48 Logo picture cards, dice bag and instructions.

As will all great games Logo Grab is easy to learn, and because there are only a few rules can be picked up and mastered quickly. Simply shuffle the cards and lay out nine in a 3×3 grid. Deal each player 2 cards face up in front of them, then take it in turns to pull 4 dice from the bag and roll on the table. Players try and spot a brand beginning with one of the upturned dice letters, and shout out the brand, grabbing the dice as they do.

logo grab

The aim of the game is to collect sets of matching brands but beware, if you grab a dice with a bell you have to put one of your cards back in the pack. Play continues in turn until one person collects two different sets of three matching brand cards.

logo grab setup

With such simple rules the boy picked this game up quickly, and just as quickly learnt to shout and grab the dice. He got a bit upset when he had to put cards back but with such sharp eyes, was quick to spot the matching cards and letters. We have all loved playing this game, and our only problem is that the boy keeps beating us!

The boy says “I love this game its fast and makes me think. I like to own the beetle, and Marmite because they are my favourites.

Logo Grab is available now from toy stores and online, and although it says aged 8+ younger children could get involved with a team, as this is such a versatile and playable game. We love the Logo family of games, and Logo Grab is no exception, especially as it has a short game time and would be easy to take away on holiday.

If you would like the chance to win Logo Grab for yourselves then why not enter my giveaway, or add it to your Christmas List as I have heard Santa has ordered lots on order this year!

Logo Grab

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Disclaimer, we were sent a copy of this game for an honest review the opinions are our own and have not been altered.

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  3. itd have to be a company that does a lot for charity and the less fortunate, it snot about what company earns the most money. its about a company that is respectable and charitable

  4. The Carnival cruise group because I love cruises and they own so many cruise brands,I could take loads of cruises!

  5. ooh thats a toughie, lol, son would say Apple they he could have the lastest gadgets as soon as they are out, I’d like somewhere like Debenhams or John Lewis

  6. I would own Body Shop – I love the concept of using ingredients from all over the world and the feel good factor that they use fair trade,never test on animals, and all their products are 100% vegetarian. I would love to be a part of that !!

  7. Virgin – have their fingers in so many pies and I fancy owning my own private island, along with a jet to transport me 🙂

  8. weve just had a big discussion about this ! …. myself and middle son both instantly said Microsoft …. fella and oldest son both said Virgin altho fella was tempted by nescafe !

  9. The Walt Disney World Co.

    Who wouldn’t want free entry to all the parks, copies of all their merch plus a slice of their billions of profits 😀

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