LOGO Billionaire

LOGO Billionaire is the latest addition to Drumond Parks series of LOGO board games, and was something the boy had been keen to get hold of. With the weather turning wintry we have found Sunday mornings have turned into games mornings. We let the boy choose a different game each week and it has been fun trying out some new ones as well as the old favourites.

When we were told we could try out LOGO Billionaire the boy said “he could faint with excitement” and I was just keeping my fingers crossed that he wouldn’t be disappointed. LOGO Billionaire is a board game for 2-6 players and is recommended for age 8+. This is about right, age wise as there is an amount of confident reading needed to play the game.

Logo Billionaire – the fast paced family board game of risky business. Collect famous brands, launch companies, attempt takeovers to build your Billion and win
the game but be careful you do not end up ‘Bust’!

In the box you have 6 playing pieces, industry certificates, a spinner, six sets of brand cards, takeover discs, newsflash cards, money, risky business cards, playing board and two sets of rules. We started our first game with the quick start apprentice rules, which were recommended and after a couple of read throughs it was easy to get started.

Apprentice Game

You start the game with a set of brand cards which are shuffled and dealt to you, the idea of game is to be the first player to make a Billion. (10 x 100 million) You are also given 50 million and the youngest player starts. You place your chosen playing piece on the board (you can start anywhere) and move the number you spin with the arrow in the centre of the board.  Each time you land on a coloured square you collect two more brand cards of that colour, or one if the board instructs you. Once you have three or more of a coloured brand you can announce a launch of your company. The person to your right shuffles the risky business cards, turning the cards over one at a time, so you can judge how much you will risk without getting a BUST! card. You then multiply the money by the number of brand cards you launched with. For the apprentice game it is as easy as this to play, with none of the takeover or newsflash cards used.

Executive Rules

Once you have mastered the Apprentice rules, it was time to move on to the executive ones! The boy had been looking forward to this as he likes the competitive nature of being able to steal other people’s properties and has seen the adverts for this game! These rules differ as you now have the chance when you land on the takeover spots on the board to pick up a disc. The next time one of your competitors launches a company you can attempt a takeover. Adding the total of your brand cards, plus any additional on the up brands, plus a spin of the dice. If you beat the opponent you win all their cards but be careful if you lose they launch their company with more brands and therefore can earn more money. Add in the newsflash cards for a chance, which could be good or bad, and you have a game with a greater element of risk.

I may have made the game sound difficult, but I promise you once you have played it a couple of times, it becomes clear how you have to use strategy and bravery to get to be the first Billionaire! We have enjoyed this game and a full game takes the three of us about 20-30 minutes to complete. The boy loves playing and gets very excited when he owns his favourite brands, Marmite and Fruit Pastilles. I am sure LOGO Billionaire will be a big hit over Christmas as it is a fun and competitive game, and we will be getting Granny to join in next week, if only to see how confused we can make her!!

Find out for yourself how exciting LOGO Billionaire is as Drumond park have given me the chance for one of you to win your own copy in time for Christmas. Simply fill in the rafflecopter below.

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LOGO Billionaire is available from all the usual outlets and has a RRP £24.99, this game is defiantly a firm favourite and we will give it a 5/5

Disclaimer, we were given a copy of LOGO Billionaire to review and keep, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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