Light-up Space Planetarium – Review

Light-up Space Planetarium from Great Gizmos, this is a great build it yourself science kit for ages 8+ and RRP £12.95.

This neat little boxed project comes with all the parts that you need to build a cool torch planetarium. There are several grey plastic parts needed to build the projector, some very small screws, pen, and projector film. with both pre printed and plain for you to design your own projections.

light-up space planetarium

You will need a small screwdriver to assemble this project, and despite the boy being 8 nearly nine, he had trouble getting the very tiny screws to fit, so I was instructed to do the tricky part of screwing the projector together. The boy completed all the other parts of putting this kit together. He especially enjoyed testing out the different films which slot in above the LED torch.

building light-up space planetarium

The summer holidays are such a big break to fill that this kit was perfect way to fill one of our days at home. The boy is getting more interested in all the science experiments, and particularly all things space. This kit didn’t take long to build, the boy took time to work out the effects of moving the light source closer and further away from the slides. You can project images onto the dome on the top of the planetarium or directly onto the wall of ceilings.

great gizmos light-up space planetarium

I would say that I think this kit seemed flimsy as the legs simply slot into place, and tend to fall out when you lift it from the floor. The boy didn’t seem to mind this, as he preferred to use it as a torch shining pictures on his walls. The star slides we thought were fun and we tried to work out which of the constellations we knew. when placed on the floor of the boy’s room the projector had enough power to light pretty patterns on the ceiling which was fun.

light-up space prodjector

For a space fan, this is a great little kit, and a good start perfect for looking at how projectors work. It does seem a little pricey for what is included in the kit, but with battery’s included it was nice not to have to dash out to the shops!

Disclaimer, we were sent this set for an honest opinion, the words have not been altered.




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