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Labyrinth is a game for 2 – 4 players aged 8+ made by Ravensburger, available from £14.99 and with two additional versions, Junior and Disney we reviewed the classic version of this game.

Labyrinth, is a fun game of strategy, and the box contains maze cards, 4 coloured playing pieces, the board and your treasure cards. The rules like those of Make ‘N’ Break are simple. Deal out the treasure cards between the number of players. Starting from your coloured home spot you have to move the maze by pushing it with the spare card, and then move your piece onto the matching treasure square.


Each player takes a turn and this continues until you have found all your treasure and then it is a race for your coloured home square. Labyrinth might at first seem a simple game, but as we found out the game play can change depending on the number of players. The frustration of getting so close to the treasure only for it to be moved out of reach is a great fun aspect and dead ends are common. We soon discovered it mattered a lot which way round you feed the playing pieces back into the maze. The other great frustration are the fixed puzzle pieces!

Labyrinth, has been a great success with the boy, we have enjoyed battling to find the most treasure, as well as out whiting each other by setting up dead ends. Even if you get off to a flying start it only takes one tricky treasure square and you can be slowed down enough for other players to catch up. This means it really is difficult to tell who will win until you finally make it home. Labyrinth is a great thinking game, and we have all enjoyed it, even granny. The boy got a little frustrated that he was loosing only to finally win his game, and Dad and I have challenged each other to a game when the boy went to bed.

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I would recommend Labyrinth to family’s of all ages, as it is really a mixture of luck and strategy. This means that the boy is not always the looser like we have found with some quiz games. Dad Dragon is most impressed with Labyrinth, and we are both surprised that we have never come across it before. The game of Labyrinth would make a great Christmas game as it’s not to long to play, easy to learn, and younger children could even take part as teams. There is a Junior Labyrinth for children 5+, but I think that this game is easy enough that most children could pick up this version quickly.


Disclaimer, we were sent a copy of Labyrinth to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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